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Damon West
Clique Jocks
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions This Is Your School
The Candidate
Jock Boss Fight
Complete Mayhem
Voice Actor Ben Curtis
"You've had your fun, now who wants to get knocked out by an All-American?!"
— Damon

Damon West is a character in Bully and is a member of the Jocks at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Ben Curtis.

Character description

Damon is a tall and physically imposing black jock with short black hair and dark brown eyes. He wears a Letterman jacket with the sleeves up, dark brown slacks, and dark blue shoes. He also has white sweatbands on his wrists. In the winter, Damon simply adds an Urban Wool Beanie and zips up his Letterman Jacket.

Damon was one of the characters profiled on the Bullworth Facebook. His answers to the various questions were very short and implied both a lack of intelligence and a lack of interest in anything other than playing football for the Bullworth Bullhorns.


Damon is the second-in-command of the Jocks and tells the others what to do when Ted isn't around. When Ted is around, Damon is servile and tends to repeat everything Ted says. Despite this, he claims that the Jocks would be more respected if he were the leader due to the fact that he is stronger than Ted. Also, there are rumors that he's gone after Mandy behind Ted's back. Although the main rivals of the Jocks are the Nerds, he holds a personal grudge against the Preppies.

Damon is very into sports and states that he is an All-American athlete. He plays linebacker on the Bullworth Bullhorns, his number on the team being 8, and he additionally plays on the Jocks’ dodgeball team. He is also a state-ranked wrestler. Damon can be heard stating that he makes other students do his homework for him.

Damon is known for his aggressive nature, which suits him for his linebacker position. He has a love for violence, and his favorite hobby is fighting. He is more territorial than the other jocks as he will run from the gym area and attack Nerds who are walking around the fountain. He will also attack Jimmy on sight if his Jock respect is even slightly below 50%, while the other Jocks are more apt to give a warning first if his respect level is sufficient enough. Townsfolk can even be heard talking about his aggressive nature, with Dr. Bambillo stating that Damon is mentally ill.

He enjoys pushing around people who are weaker than he is, but he also wants to fight a gorilla someday. He is the toughest Jock, and the third toughest student in the school that can be found in free roam, behind Russell and Bif.

Role in-game

During Jimmy's first trip to the cafeteria, he sees Damon and Juri arm wrestling. In The Candidate, Damon, along with Juri, bullies Earnest as he tries to set up a poster for the School Presidential elections. During Halloween, he dresses up as a Space Shuttle Astronaut. He also accompanies Ted and Mandy to watch Jimmy's fight with Russell in the Hole.

Damon and Ted start the events in Chapter 4 when they knock Pete down and step on him. Damon doesn't participate in the missions of Chapter 4, staying behind the scenes with Ted instead. However, when Jimmy finally forces a fight with Ted, Damon puts up a ferocious defense. Acting as the center, he tackles Jimmy and literally throws him up the football field if Jimmy tries to go after Ted. He also lasts two explosions, unlike the other players who only last one.

During Complete Mayhem, he is seen vandalizing the library along with Ted and Bo.

Because of Damon's aggressive nature, he tends to play a larger role in free roam than most characters because for most of the game, he'll attack Jimmy on sight.


  • Though removed from the final version of the game, Damon's audio files include a fully recorded scene taking place in Chapter 3 that reveals that he originally had been intended to be a Preppy in an early stage of the game's development. He calls Jimmy a "peasant", talks about living in The Vale, his wealthy father, and sends Jimmy after the Greasers and Townies in an untitled Chapter 3 mission.
  • The Paddle, a deleted mission, featured Damon heavily. In it, Jimmy was to steal Dr. Crabblesnitch's paddle and then frame Damon for it.