Bully Wiki
Davis White
Clique Bullies
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions The Setup
Save Algie
Defend Bucky
Character Sheets
Help Gary
Voice Actor Geoffrey Wigdor
"I'll show 'em compassion, all the way to the toilet bowl! Hahahaa!"
— Davis

Davis White is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Bullies clique. He was voiced by Geoffrey Wigdor.

Character description

Davis is a small bully with brown hair and brown eyes. He wears the standard white school shirt of the Bullies; his is long-sleeved with the sleeves rolled up to below the elbows. He also wears blue jeans. In the winter, he rolls down his sleeves and adds a gray urban wool hat and black fingerless gloves. He and Wade wear their hair in identical left part styles.

Davis has a very different appearance in his cutscene model, his hair has a different hairstyle and his pimples on his forehead are more visible, he also has "crazy" eyes, it is possible that this is his appearance from the beta version.


Davis takes great pride in bullying freshmen. He talks about the various bullying tactics he uses, such as hitting a student with a pear and making the freshmen salute him. He especially brags about bullying a kid so badly that he dropped out of Bullworth Academy. This kid was most likely Duncan, since Duncan complains about being bullied until he dropped out of school. Davis was badly bullied by an older cousin when he was younger. The cousin used to make him eat June bugs. He suffers from emotional problems, claiming he sometimes starts crying and can't stop, and says that if it weren't for his cousin he'd be normal.

Davis happens to be an excellent runner, as seen in Character Sheets and The Setup.

Role in game

Davis is featured a lot during Chapter 1. He is even present during Welcome to Bullworth, as he is one of the three Bullies who accost Jimmy upon his arrival at Bullworth Academy. He also hurls abuse at Jimmy inside the main doors of the school building when Jimmy is on his way to the Boys' Dorm .

Davis appears during most of the missions in Chapter 1. He has a boss fight appearance in The Setup. Thinking Jimmy is an informant for Dr. Crabblesnitch, he attacks him with a slingshot, but Jimmy chases him down and takes it. Davis is also one of the Bullies who steals Melvin O'Connor's character sheets.

He is also one of the two Bullies to watch Jimmy's fight against Russell in The Hole. He is also one of three bullies knocked out by Edgar in Complete Mayhem.

Deleted content

At one point in development, Davis had a small role in Last Minute Shopping. He, Ray and Christy were standing in line at the Cafeteria, waiting impatiently for food.


  • Davis White's name is very similar to David White, one of the voice actors. The character's last name may have been inspired by the actor's.