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Donald Anderson
Clique Nerds
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Discreet Deliveries
Complete Mayhem
Voice Actor Jimmy Walsh
"They'll all be sorry one day..."
— Donald

Donald Anderson is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Nerds at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Jimmy Walsh.

Character description

Donald is a rather small and very skinny nerd with strawberry blonde hair and half-moon glasses. He wears the astronomy club vest over a long sleeve shirt and brown slacks. In the winter he wears ear muffs with the astronomy club sweater and gloves. He has dark brown eyes.


Donald is something of a stereotypical rage-filled nerd. Although his temperament is outwardly mild, he keeps a meticulous list of people who he hates and plots to get revenge on them one day. He hopes to be something much better than he currently is, and plans to figure out a way to make girls like him, and to become the President.

Donald is also arrogant about his level of intelligence. His favored insults are "moron" and "idiot". When trying to be confrontational he claims he's an "intellectual with muscles", although his fighting is the same as the rest of the skinny nerds, which is very weak. He works as Dr. Watts's lab assistant.

Role in game

Donald first appears in the storyline during Halloween, where he wears a lime colored alien mask, and gives Jimmy a mini mission to light a Volcano 4000.

During Chapter 4, he appears in the mission Stronghold Assault, where several instances of him are seen in the rural area behind the school shooting bottle rockets at Jimmy. He's absent during the rest of Chapter 4, including being the only male Nerd who doesn't participate in the mission The Big Game.

His final appearance is during Complete Mayhem in Chapter 5, where he helps vandalise the Gym with fellow Nerds Earnest and Bucky.

In Scholarship Edition, he plays a role in the mission Discreet Deliveries, giving Jimmy some packages to deliver.


  • Donald Anderson shares a name with a character from the Metal Gear Solid series, but this appears to be purely coincidental.
  • In the Anniversary Edition, Donald's glasses are glitched and disappear from view upon being seen up close.