is a character in Bully. He was voiced by Anthony Carvalho.

Character DescriptionEdit

Dorsey has a distinctly blue collar look. He wears gray work pants and a denim jacket, and a red workman's apron. His hair is dark brown and slightly long, and also sports a small moustache.

Dorsey was initially thought to be the Townie Duncan, due to a misguided early guess at Duncan's name. Duncan's proper name was spaded, but the name 'Dorsey' wasn't matched to a character until the game's data files were cracked.


Dorsey is apparently a resident of Bullworth. He doesn't have much in the way of marketable skills, so he works whatever odd jobs he can. According to his dialogue, he wishes he had gotten into accounting so he'd have more money, and has been thinking about becoming one.

Role in gameEdit

Dorsey works at Billy Crane's Traveling Carnival, where he runs the Strike Out and Splish Splash games. He trades prizes for Jimmy's earned tickets in the prizes tent. He also gives Jimmy jobs cutting grass at various places in Old Bullworth Vale.

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