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Dr. Bambillo
Dr. Bambillo
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Discretion Assured
Voice Actor Bryan Doerries
"I'm smart. I'm funny. I have a sweet 'stache. People like me. I'm going to have a good day."
— Dr. Bambillo

Dr. Bambillo is one of the Townsfolk who lives in Old Bullworth Vale.

Character description[]

Dr. Bambillo wears a brown jacket over a white shirt with red tie. He is black and has a black flat top and a mustache. During the winter, he wears a black scarf, a pair of black gloves, and fully buttons up his jacket.


Dr. Bambillo is a fairly rude and arrogant person. He uses medically-themed insults such as "mental patient" and "human waste". As a psychiatrist, he often gossips about his patients, violating their rights to confidentiality, calling Gary "clinically delusional" (and also worrying about his being out of control) and refers to Damon as a "psycho". At one point, he also claims that Bif may have stopped using his medication. He describes the Preppies as "spoiled brats who want attention" and claims that the Greasers "have real daddy issues".

When talking to other townsfolk, he'll often suggest art therapy or other touchy-feely solutions for their problems. He makes an almost verbatum direct reference to the "I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell" line from Saturday Night Live while fighting, except that he says: "I've got a fever and the only prescription is more ass-whooping!"

Dr. Bambillo apparently owns Mental Dental in Bullworth Town. He holds a doctorate in psychiatry and a degree in anthropology. Ironically, given his profession, he's personally insecure, and reassures himself of his standing in society. He can also be encountered superstitiously trying to avoid the cracks on the sidewalks for fear of bad luck, and he worries about whether he gave a patient the wrong dosage, amongst many other things. Dialogue from him indicates that he violates numerous clinical ethics, such as hitting patients. According to his conversational dialogue, he thinks he may be too emotionally attached to some of his patients.

He freaks out irrationally when a rat is thrown in front of him, possibly indicating that he may suffer of musophobia. He also appears to have a habit of forgetting if he locked his car or not. Sometimes, he can claim that he cannot properly clean his hands. Along with his apparent superstition and difficulty remembering whether or not he locked his car, this can be interpreted as a sign of Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Role in game[]

Dr. Bambillo does not play any major role in the game. He can be seen looking at the poster of Mandy that is located on the wall of the closed theater in Bullworth Town during the mission Discretion Assured, along with Mr. Martin.

He also gives Jimmy an errand to find his lost dog, and he is delivered a package of food by Jimmy on behalf of Mr. Huntingdon.

A glitch can happen during the first chapter, in which Dr. Bambillo can appear on campus before the gates open. He may appear inside the Boys' Dorm. This happens especially after using glitches to break out of the academy grounds before the 2nd chapter and then returning to the academy.