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Dr. Slawter
Dr. Slawter
Clique Faculty
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Weed Killer
Cook's Crush
Voice Actor Kurt Rhoads
"There are two sides to biology, boy. LIFE... and death."
— Dr. Slawter

Dr. Slawter is the Biology teacher at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Kurt Rhoads.

Character Description[]

Dr. Slawter is an old man, thin and slightly stooped. He's nearly completely bald, and his scalp has age spots. He wears a white lab coat over a red sweater and a white collared shirt. Like Dr. Watts, he has the appearance and personality traits of a stereotypical mad scientist.


Dr. Slawter has two distinct sides to his personality - his morbid side, and his paranoid side. It is heavily implied that Slawter uses ethanol from his laboratory as a recreational drug, and the ethanol is what brings out his morbid side[1].

Normally Dr. Slawter speaks rapidly and in a sharp, nasal tone. He is paranoid that he has enemies who are plotting against him. According to Slawter himself he has long-standing issues with Mr. Harrington, father of Derby Harrington, and those issues caused Mr. Harrington to leverage his influence over Dr. Crabblesnitch to deny Slawter tenure.[2] Whether this is true or not, Slawter is paranoid that people, Mr. Harrington specifically, are out to get him. When he catches students trespassing he assumes they're spying on him, possibly at Mr. Harrington's behest, and if some kind of troublesome event occurs he'll state that he bets Mr. Harrington is behind it.

When he's not preoccupied with paranoia, Slawter is relatively friendly for a Bullworth Academy teacher. He is, however, condescending and quick to anger. He commonly addresses the students as 'child' or 'children' regardless of their names. When angry with one of them he'll insult their intelligence, and when talking to the other teachers he'll complain about intelligence not being given enough respect. He also complains that money and influence peddling are a faster and easier gateway to success than science and intellectual achievement. It is unclear how seriously to take Slawter's claims about Mr. Harrington since Harrington doesn't personally appear in the game and never presents his side, but Slawter is clearly consumed by bitterness over having a rich and influential rival. If angered, Slawter yells loudly enough that his voice goes scratchy.

When Slawter is under the presumed influence of the ethanol, he speaks very slowly and in a deep voice. While like this he'll make comments about the inevitability of death. Although he is in this state during his biggest role in the game - the introductory cutscene for Weed Killer - he is in his more normal state for the vast majority of his dialogue.

His name, Slawter, is a homophone of the word "slaughter". This could be either a pun on his taxidermy and the dissection of animals in his class, his morbid and death-obsessed personality, or both.

Role in Story[]

Dr. Slawter only has one storyline appearance. He sent Jimmy on the mission Weed Killer, believing that Mr. Harrington provided the Preppies with their own Crapula Maxima simply to spite him. Aside from that, he appears in the mission Cook's Crush, conversing with Dr. Watts in front of the staff room.

His class, Biology, was one of the classes added for Scholarship Edition.

Dr. Slawter is frequently seen telling students off in front of the Boys' Dorm in the morning in free roam.

Deleted content[]

Dr. Slawter was once intended to have a role in Halloween. He and Mr. Burton mocked Pete's pink bunny costume. They were then pranked with itching powder. Pete was blamed for it and given detention.

He also had dialogue for a mission that was coded as 2-S05. Although that code would eventually become Cook's Crush and Cook's Date, judging by both Slawter's and other dialogue files the mission was at one point in development completely different. Slawter was to be in the teacher's lounge talking with Dr. Watts, and Jimmy was to have to distract them for some reason.



  1. Slawter_CONVNR_v4: "Would you like some ethanol from my lab? Makes the worries go away wonderfully..."
  2. Slawter_CONVNP_v1: "I could've been tenured if it hadn't been for Harrington's interference!"