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Dr. Slawter
Dr. Slawter.png
Clique Faculty
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Weed Killer
Cook's Crush
Voice Actor Kurt Rhoads
"There are two sides to biology, boy. LIFE... and death."
— Dr. Slawter

Dr. Slawter is the Biology teacher at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Kurt Rhoads.

Character Description[]

Dr. Slawter is an old man, thin and slightly stooped. He's nearly completely bald, and his scalp has age spots. He wears a white lab coat over a red sweater and a white collared shirt. Like Dr. Watts, he has the appearance and personality traits of a stereotypical mad scientist.


Dr. Slawter's hobby is taxidermy. Aside from that, he takes great pride in owning a special type of venus fly trap, scientific name Crapula Maxima Fortisima. He is known to have a strong mutual grudge against Derby Harrington's father. He says that Mr. Harrington is "not a nice man". He is also one of the few teachers who actually like Jimmy.

His personality, especially in the cutscenes, is slow and morbid. In the Bully Facebook, he was introduced as being death-obsessed. Strangely, while roaming campus he seems to take on a different personality. His voice is sharp and nasal instead of slow and deep, and his dialogue consists of badmouthing the Preps (Derby in particular), complaining about the state of the school, and general corruption; he feels social climbing is about connections rather than personal ability, which may explain his grudge against the Preppies.

His name, Slawter, is a homophone of the word "slaughter". This could be either a pun on his taxidermy and the dissection of animals in his class, his morbid and death-obsessed personality, or both.

Role in Story[]

Dr. Slawter only has one storyline appearance. He sent Jimmy on the mission Weed Killer, believing that Mr. Harrington provided the Preppies with their own Crapula Maxima simply to spite him. Aside from that, he appears in the mission Cook's Crush, conversing with Dr. Watts in front of the staff room.

His class, Biology, was one of the classes added for Scholarship Edition.

Dr. Slawter is frequently seen telling students off in front of the Boys' Dorm in the morning in free roam.

Dialogue found in the data files indicates that he was once intended to have a role in Halloween. He and Mr. Burton mocked Petey's bunny costume and were then pranked with itching powder.