Dr. Watts
Dr. Watts
Clique Faculty
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Cook's Crush
Cook's Date
Discreet Deliveries
Voice Actor Jarel Davidow
"If I have children, I'll name them after periodic elements. Easier to remember that way."
— Dr. Watts
Watts CHATTER v2

Dr. Watts is the chemistry teacher at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Jarel Davidow.

Character DescriptionEdit

Dr. Watts wears a laboratory coat over a white shirt, black bow tie and black waistcoat throughout the game. He also wears a pair of glasses. In the winter he puts on a pair of black gloves to his normal outfit.


It is said that Dr. Watts has suffered brain damage from inhaling various chemical fumes over the years. He sometimes forgets people's names, both students and his fellow faculty, and he sometimes gets confused, for example briefly forgetting about class and being alarmed when students walked into his room. Chemistry isn't just his teaching subject but his hobby, and he spends most of his free time mixing chemicals. He seems to get along well with Dr. Slawter.

Role in StoryEdit

Dr. Watts is the first teacher that Jimmy meets, as he gets sent to Chemistry class right after the events in This Is Your School.

Edna has a crush on him, although he doesn't know it. Jimmy spends the course of a two missions - Cook's Crush and Cook's Date - helping Edna get ready for a date with Dr. Watts, but to do so he has to give Edna some perfume belonging to Ms. Philips and some sedatives to slip into his coffee. He also plays a small additional role in Cook's Crush. He and Dr. Slawter are standing by the staff room door, and Jimmy must lure them away from it.

In Scholarship Edition, one of the bonus missions, Discreet Deliveries, has Dr. Watts hiring Jimmy to deliver a "chemical compound" he invented to various buyers. The compound is hinted to be hallucinogenic drugs, but is actually a treatment for male pattern baldness.

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