Bully Wiki
Clique Faculty
Gender Female
Family Dr. Watts
Kissable No
Missions Last Minute Shopping
Cook's Crush
Cook's Date
Voice Actor Kathryn Rossetter
"The only person allowed on campus with a weapon is me, and I use it to make dip! "
— Edna

Edna is the cook at Bullworth Academy. She was voiced by Kathryn Rossetter.

Character description[]

Edna is an unattractive, overweight female, possibly in her 50's. She has thick brown hair which is tied up in a hairnet. She wears a white cooking apron over a dirty brown blouse and skirt. In the winter, she wears a red cardigan over her usual clothes.


Edna is perpetually filthy and is hygienically challenged. She will cough, sneeze, spit, and blow cigarette smoke into food she prepares, believing it adds flavour. Edna is also prone to laughing maniacally. When Jimmy Hopkins does her a favour, she agrees to spit into Mr. Hattrick's food (and happily agrees to do much worse). In Last Minute Shopping, Edna says she has worn the same knickers "since last term".

Despite being the cook, Edna is also considered school authority and will try and bust students who break the rules. Unlike other female authority in the school, Edna will use the same grab and ground technique the Prefects and male authority use to bust students and has the same amount of health that male adult authority figures have. Her favorite pejorative towards the kids is "punks".

Edna isn't popular among most of the kids who attend the school. Most of them find her gross, kids of all the cliques happily try to ruin her date with Dr. Watts, and Troy makes fun of her at Halloween by wearing a mask of her face. Hal, who finds fat women attractive, has a crush on her. According to Sheldon, she has seven children studying at Bullworth Academy.

Role In Game[]

Edna appears in the story a few times. She has Jimmy help her in a few missions. In Last Minute Shopping, she asks him to pick up a few of her personal effects from stores in Bullworth Town.

In Cook's Crush, she asks him to pick up a few more things, including sedatives so she can set up a date with the Chemistry teacher, Dr. Watts. In Cook's Date, she asks Jimmy to watch over her date with Dr. Watts. She also cheers for Jimmy at the end of the Final Showdown.

Unused dialogue in the game reveals that Edna was intended to be a victim of Gary, Jimmy, and Pete's pranking in Halloween, where she would have been duped into eating joke candy, causing her to vomit.


  • If Jimmy causes trouble in the cafeteria, Edna will chase after him, but will never go past the tables, regardless of how full the trouble meter is.
  • Edna seems to be double-programmed. As she will bust students like the prefects and the male faculty members, but instead of being able to wedgie her, Jimmy can pinch her bottom instead. She also uses a male Faculty's fighting style.
  • If Jimmy smashes every tombstone, he receives an Edna mask.
  • According to her dialogue, Edna seems to also be fond of Dr. Slawter, and not just Dr. Watts. It is unknown if this means that in the beta Edna would actually go on a date with Dr. Slawter.