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Errands are small tasks that Jimmy Hopkins may be asked to perform at various times during the game, usually for a cash reward. If someone has an errand for Jimmy, they appear as a blue X on the overhead minimap, and Jimmy must agree to perform the errand. If failed, errands can usually be repeated the next day.

Errands are unlocked after mission Save Algie. When Jimmy next enters the boy’s dorm, he is presented with tutorial errand from Petey to deliver a package to Beatrice. This tutorial must be completed to unlock getting normal errands.

After the tutorial, only one errand will be available - to escort Algie back to library, thus continuing the story of Save Algie mission. More errands will be unlocked after Defend Bucky mission, and afterwards with the progression of the storyline.

All errands, except the tutorial one, can be declined or otherwise avoided.

There are 50 errands, not counting the tutorial. In Anniversary Edition, there are 48, as two errands involving smashing cars in New Coventry and Blue Skies were removed.

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