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Eunice Pound
Clique None
Gender Female
Kissable Yes
Missions This Is Your School
Save Algie
Movie Tickets
Voice Actor Cody Rose
"There's no place for bigger girls in this world!"
— Eunice

Eunice Pound is a character in Bully, and is a Non-Clique Student at Bullworth Academy. She was voiced by Cody Lindquist, who went by Cody Rose at the time Bully was released and was credited under that name.

Character description

Eunice is overweight with brown hair and blue eyes. She is also very unattractive, and has freckles on her face and notably speaks with a deep voice. Eunice wears a Bullworth school shirt with a red shirt scarf, a dark teal school skirt held up with suspenders, high white stockings and black shoes. In the winter, Eunice adds on a dark teal Bullworth school sweater, with pink mittens, snow boots and earmuffs.


Eunice is a very insecure person, and is described by Gary as being weird. Her poor looks and clumsiness make life at school difficult for her, and she can sometimes be quite sour and hostile towards others. She also isn't very well spoken. She spends most of her time hoping that things will get better, and she claims that when she leaves Bullworth things will be different for her. She's not a complete social outcast, though, she can be regularly seen talking to other non-clique students in the school lobby.

Eunice is overweight because she enjoys food and eating. She's ashamed of her weight, however, and she talks about dieting and doing sports to help lose some. She has a crush on Jimmy since he was actually nice to her early in the school year. When she kisses him, he has to push her off, because she grabs him and kisses clumsily. She is the only girl who will kiss him if he's wearing clothing that people would laugh at. The only other boy Eunice can be seen on campus with is Ray, and they can occasionally be seen holding hands while walking around campus. When requesting a gift from Jimmy she only asks for chocolates, never flowers like the other girls.

Role in game

Eunice appears very early in the story. As Gary is showing Jimmy around the school, they encounter Eunice, who is in tears because Constantinos stole her chocolates. Jimmy retrieves them for her, earning a kiss for his efforts. Because Jimmy was kind to her, Eunice develops a crush on him that lasts the rest of the year. She is the first girl in the story that he can get on good terms.

In the mission Save Algie, she and Pedro are in a toilet stall together in the upstairs boys' bathroom, and they run away when Jimmy and Algie enter. She also appears in the Chapter 2 mission Movie Tickets, where she's in line to buy a movie ticket in front of Pinky. When Pinky asks Jimmy to clear the line for her so she can be first, Jimmy lures Eunice into an alley and makes out with her to get her out of Pinky's way.

In the Scholarship Edition exclusive mission Nutcrackin', Eunice dresses up as a fairy and dances in the school's Christmas pageant.