Bully Wiki
Clique None
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Finding Johnny Vincent
Galloway Away
Voice Actor Robert Whaley
"Don't cry about it! It's only words. Words?! NO! I HATE HIM!"
— Fenwick

Fenwick is a character in Bully. He was voiced by Robert Whaley.

Character description[]

Fenwick is an inmate at Happy Volts Asylum. He is an older man with tousled hair and gray eyes, and he wears the usual teal gown and blue slippers of an inmate.


As an asylum inmate, Fenwick is quite insane, although apparently sane enough to realize he's insane. His insanity came about at the hands of a bully who tormented him until he mentally snapped. He's been at the asylum for several years now. He is trying to get over his mental illness and at least claims to have made significant progress.

Whatever mental illness Fenwick has strongly affects his voice and speech patterns. He shifts accents frequently - his standard spoken accent is cultured, but he lapses into unaccented American and when angered speaks in a nasal, stereotypically military style. He also speaks in word salad; for example, two of his dialogue lines while roaming are "Carry the two, pounce the one!" and "All I can see is birds! Glowing! No wait! They're, laughing?". Sometimes he'll even sing the last word or two of a spoken sentence.

Role in game[]

Fenwick makes appearances during the missions Galloway Away and Finding Johnny Vincent, but he doesn't have any cutscene lines. Judging by the game data files he was originally the one who warned Jimmy about "The Watcher" in Galloway Away, but that was given to Otto Tyler.

Fenwick cannot be encountered during free roam.