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Jimmy fighting Damon and Kirby

Jimmy Hopkins fighting Damon West and Kirby Olsen.

Fighting is a major aspect of Bully. It involves two or more students physically attacking one another until one of them is knocked out or runs away. Fighting is especially an important aspect in most missions, and the primary method of defeating bosses in the game.

Fighting can be initiated if Jimmy provokes a student through taunting, being in the line of sight of an enemy, or by directly hitting the person. Fighting normal male students will cause the trouble meter to gradually rise (under the offense Violence), depending on the time that Jimmy is engaged in a fight, while attacking little kids, female students, adults, and authority will raise the trouble meter to maximum (under the offense Violence - Adults, Violence - Girls, Violence - Little Kids, and Violence - Authority respectively).

Motives for fighting

The most common reason kids fight are rivalries. Clique members will normally attack a member from a rival clique on sight. For example, a Jock will attack a Nerd on sight if the Nerd is the near the gym. Clique members will assist another member if they are being attacked by another student. Clique members are more aggressive when on their own turf. Nerds, for example, usually get along fine with Non-Clique Students but may try to insult or push them around in front of the Library, and the Bullies will shove a Greaser if he wanders out of the auto shop and into the school parking lot.

Fighting also happens when a weaker student sometimes stands up for themselves against a bullying student, which then causes the bully to attack. Sometimes the reverse happens where the student picked on will attack the bully, but this is very rare.

Another, less common reason for fighting is jealousy. If a person sees someone they have recently kissed kissing another person, they will attack. This is also the only way you can get two girls to fight.

Members of the same clique cannot fight each other. Under rare circumstances where two members of the same clique begin to fight, their attacks will not damage each other.

Fighting Styles

Each clique and some students have their own unique fighting style. Excluding Jimmy, all peds can use a running strike with a melee weapon, which knocks most students down. Clique members can be classified as strikers, ranged fighters, melee fighters and grapplers, the last of which will take opponents down with a running tackle instead of the running attack that their cliquemates do (unless the opponent is grappling someone), and can counter being pushed or taken down by Jimmy by putting him in a headlock and twisting him to the ground in a pin where they proceed to pummel him. They can also reverse knee drop attempts by struggling with the opponent until they're on top of them and pummeling them in the same way instead of rolling on the ground like most students.

Jimmy Hopkins

When Jimmy first arrives at Bullworth, his default fighting style is a boxing style using a relatively simple combination of a left hook, right hook, and another left hook. When grappling, he makes use of a cross to the head, an uppercut to the midsection, and a knee strike. He also has a running shoulder tackle that breaks guards and knocks the smallest opponents down and a grappling take-down followed by a series of punches in full mount position. In addition, he can throw an adversary to the ground and kick him, or pin him to a wall and knee him in the groin. Although they do not count as individual moves, most of Jimmy's attacks have a 'light' and 'heavy' version, the heavier being used if the player controlling Jimmy holds the button instead of just tapping it. With training with the Hobo, Jimmy can unlock an "uppercut" which is a charged left hook that causes head stun and breaks guards, a right leg sweep after a left hook that is unblockable and knocks enemies down (or causes them to lose balance in one leg if they're immune to falling), a jumping left side kick after a left and right hook that is unblockable, an extension to his basic left hook, right hook, left hook combo that adds a right hook to the midsection followed by a left uppercut that sends the smallest students flying backwards and makes the medium-sized and largest students fall in place (or makes them flinch backwards if they're immune to falling), a right roundhouse kick after his 3rd light attack that knocks enemies down (or briefly causes a head stun if they're immune to falling) and is unblockable, and a left overhand punch after the 4th light attack that is unblockable and knocks anyone down, including falling-immune characters.

The gut slug, which is not mentioned in the manual or an in-game tutorial, is executed from a standing grapple, and is unlocked after completing Gym 1. After delivering a light first punch, execute a heavy second punch.

During the course of the year, Jimmy learns various martial art and wrestling techniques. He can counter Russell's powerbomb, Hal and Norton's bearhug, and Juri and Luis' wrestling moves by repeatedly hitting a specific button depending on the version of the game.

He also has the opportunity to gain access to every projectile weapon used in the game, including two (the Super Slingshot and Rubber Band Ball) that are only available to him.[1][2]

Defensively, Jimmy can block most attacks by putting his arms up and guarding with his forearms. As long as he is blocking, most attacks don't hurt him, even those that appear to hit an unprotected part of his body. However, some stronger attacks can break his guard - in other words, causing him to flinch backwards while his arms are knocked away from blocking position, which leaves him vulnerable to a follow-up attack. A few rare attacks go through Jimmy's guard entirely. Guarding isn't effective against weapons.

Jimmy can also counter some grappling attacks if the player rapidly presses a button. The player is instructed to do this during the boss fight against Russell, but it works outside the boss battle and against other attacks.

When Jimmy has the bottle rocket launcher or spud gun equipped, or when he has picked up a fire extinguisher or the poison gun at the top of Harrington House, he uses a three strike combination. He swings his weapon twice and then throws a kick which knocks his opponent back a step.


Move Obtained by Notes
Triple hook combo Starts the game with
Push/Throw Starts the game with An opponent can be pushed into a second opponent, damaging him
Running shoulder attack Starts the game with Knocks down the smaller students in each clique
Running tackle (in front) Starts the game with Characters immune to being grappled cannot be tackled
Running tackle (behind) Starts the game with Can be executed on anyone including girls and adults
Slam into wall and knee to groin Starts the game with
Grapple combo Starts the game with
Takedown Starts the game with
Mounted punches Starts the game with Press attack button for light punch, hold for heavy punch
Kick a downed opponent Starts the game with Press attack button for light kick, hold for heavy kick
Headbutt Pass Gym 1 Knocks opponent down
Gut slug Pass Gym 1 Knocks opponent down
Heavy grapple combo Pass Gym 1 Knocks opponent down
Uppercut Find the first Transistor Stuns opponent if hit in the front
Leg sweep Find the second transistor Trips most students, knocks the strongest ones (e.g. Russell) to one knee
Knee drop to groin Pass Gym 3 If attempted when opponent is in red health, Jimmy executes the face spit bullying move
Thrust kick Find the third transistor Knocks an opponent back, and knocks them down if hit on their back
Five punch combo Find the fourth transistor The uppercut can send small students flying backwards while medium sized students fall backwards
High roundhouse kick Find the fifth transistor Knocks most students down, the strongest ones flinch backwards
Overhand punch Find the sixth transistor Knocks down anyone including authority figures and adults and goes through blocking


The Nerds are the weakest fighters in the school. Most of them have smaller health meters than Pedro De La Hoya and Sheldon Thompson. They are almost guaranteed to never block and aren't very aggressive. None of them use grappling moves. Earnest Jones is the Nerd with the biggest health meter, whereas all the skinny Nerds are the weakest of the clique, having life bars only slightly bigger than those of the girls. The Nerds will frequently use weapons when fighting.

Earnest, Bucky Pasteur, Cornelius Johnson, Donald Anderson and Thad Carlson use the same fighting style and are classified as the Nerds' ranged fighters. They throw awkward, darting punches, and occasionally trip as they push their opponent. They can also counter attacks by slapping wildly in the air. Bucky and Donald will always use either firecrackers, stink bombs, a rocket launcher or a spud gun from a distance, while Cornelius and Thad will occasionally use yardsticks as melee weapons.

Algernon Papadopoulos is the Nerds' B class striker. He uses a very similar fighting style to the skinny Nerds. However, he leans back in his fighting stance, whereas the skinny Nerds lean forward. He also does not use the falling push attack, and he can use the slaps in the air as a normal attack (meaning that he doesn't have to be attacked to perform them). He will occasionally use stink bombs from a distance.

Melvin O'Connor and Fatty Johnson share a more effective fighting style as the Nerds' A class strikers. They use a heavy slap and shoulder barge combo in which the slap breaks guard and the shoulder barge knocks the opponent down (unless they're immune to falling), as well as the same darting punches that Algernon and the skinny Nerds use. Like Algernon, they will occasionally use stink bombs from a distance. In very early copies of the original Bully, the slap didn't break guard but the shoulder barge did, and they then used a belly bounce as the third move in the combo. In a beta version of the style, the second attack was meant to be a butt slam, and the belly bounce was a grapple attack.


The Bullies are all poorly skilled fighters.

Russell is by far their toughest member. All of the Bullies are classified as strikers and they have no melee fighters or grapplers.

They use a brawling style where they throw two wide swinging punches, followed by either a third right hook punch which breaks the guard, or a kick to the midsection that stuns the opponent. Sometimes they may kick the stunned opponent again, and if they do, the second kick knocks them down. If the opponent is immune to falling, however, they will simply be stunned again. From a grapple, they will either throw a gut slug that drops their opponent, take them down, or throw them. When they have someone pinned to the floor, they will either punch their opponent, or use the face spit bullying move that Jimmy uses, which results in an instant KO, regardless of health. However, these attacks can only be seen by jumping or kicking while the Bully has someone on the floor. Wade Martin and Davis White can sometimes use slingshots from a distance, while Ethan Robinson, Tom Gurney, Trent Northwick and Troy Miller will occasionally use baseball bats as melee weapons.

Davis has his own style, which is used in The Setup. It's the same as the average Bully's style, but he has more control on his attacks, such as throwing a single punch. Most notably, however, he can sprint even faster than Jimmy.

Russell uses the same fighting style. However, his massive strength causes his attacks to do a lot of damage. He also uses a powerbomb from a grapple in addtion to the same moves the other Bullies use. Defensively, he is the student that blocks most often, he cannot be grappled with (which means he cannot be stuffed in a locker or thrown in the trash), and he possesses more stamina than any other character in the game, even the police officers. During his boss fight, Russell uses many Pro Wrestling moves. He uses a backfist, a clothesline and a double axehandle in addition to his usual grappling moves. He can counter attacks by thrusting his chest out, which can knock Jimmy to the ground. From a distance, he attempts a battering ram on Jimmy. If he misses, he will be stunned for a few seconds after hitting a wall. About two thirds of the way through the fight he either automatically tackles Jimmy and tries to put him in a Boston Crab which does continuous damage and can be countered by repeatedly pressing a button, or gets an automatic Powerbomb grapple. If he is given his boss style in free roam via a hex editor, these two moves will work on grapple-immune characters. He always reverses knee drop attempts during his boss fight, and will do so in the same manner as grapplers. During the mission Complete Mayhem, Russell is less aggressive and loses his immunity to grapples.

Russell has an unused style. Here, like in his boss fight, he thrusts his chest out, which knocks most students down. He also uses the Bullies' punches, but they are more damaging, and the effects of each punch are different, with the last punch also knocking most students down.


The Preppies are all trained pugilists, and use many styles of Boxing. Unlike the rest of the cliques, when they fight they dodge and counterattack. With the exception of Bif and Derby, all the Preppies will throw eggs when fighting from a distance.

Gord Vendome and Tad Spencer are the Preppies' A class strikers. They share a freestyle boxing style while using their footwork to step back to avoid punches. Their strafe utilizes a boxing shuffle to move around and they use a stance with their fists held lower than a traditional boxing stance. They use a four hit combo of two jabs, and a left hook followed by a charged punch which knocks down most opponents. They occasionally use a heavy uppercut instead of the charged punch, which breaks the guard and can be used alone. They will use each of these punches separately, either jabbing or doing two-hit combos. From a distance, they will use a shoulder barge, which breaks a guard, and a hard right hook.

Justin Vandervelde and Parker Ogilvie are the Preppies' B class strikers. They use a traditional boxing stance and throw either a strong body blow or a jab followed by either two body blows (the second body blow breaking the guard), an overhand right cross which goes through a block and knocks most students down, or an uppercut strong enough to drop anyone. On occasion, they duck to avoid punches and counterattack with either the aforementioned uppercut, a body blow, or a low hard hook that, if successfully hit, will be followed by a 4-hit combo (2 strong body blows, 2 hooks) that stuns their opponent. They can sometimes use cricket bats as melee weapons. Originally, they were meant to backstep just like Bryce and Chad after throwing body blows.

Bryce Montrose and Chad Morris are the Preppy grapplers. They use a philly shell defensive style, and are slightly tougher than the other four. They mainly use a double kidney punch combo and a straight punch followed by a light overhead punch (both of which break a guard) while backstepping or crouching to avoid punches, as well as an overhand cross, much like the one Justin and Parker use. They also use what appears to be a taekwondo front kick (except they take a step before throwing it rather than from a standstill) that knocks anyone down, including the toughest students - after hitting the kick, they will taunt by drumming their fists. From a grapple, they will use either a gut slug, a straight punch to the face or a knee strike - both attacks knock the opponent down - and if accompanied by other Preps, they will get behind their opponent and hold their arms to give the other Preppies free shots. When they have someone on the ground, they will simply punch the opponent.

Bif Taylor uses the same stance and style that Gord and Tad do, but he is more aggressive and he more regularly dodges to avoid punches. He also doesn't get knocked down by any moves other than the overhead punch and is usually immune to being grappled by anyone who is not authority. His life bar is the second largest in the game, equal to Derby's and behind only Russell's. Bif is among the Preppies' A class strikers.

All Preps in their boxing uniforms use the same style as Bif, Gord and Tad, but like Bif, they are immune to grapples and falling, and are a lot better defensively than their normal counterparts. Bryce is strongest of them all, while Chad is the weakest.

In boxing matches, all Preps use a style consisting of two straight punches followed by a hard, upwards hook, a body blow that looks similar to the one Juri and Luis use, and a sliding punch from a distance. They'll often dodge punches and counter with a body blow.

Most of the time, Derby Harrington uses exactly the same style as Bif, and even has exactly the same health meter. During his boss fight, however, Derby uses unique moves. He assumes the same stance as Bif and uses his combo in addition to all the moves Parker and Justin use, except that he uses the 5-hit combo as a normal attack (which means he doesn't need to dodge first to perform it) and he includes their uppercut after the combo. He jumps back similarly to Bryce and Chad after throwing a body blow. Defensively, he uses Jimmy's boxing evades and counterattacks, though the effects of his punches are different, and a unique block. He also has two unique punches, a rabbit punch and a mean left uppercut, similar to the last punch of the 5-hit combo Jimmy learns from The Hobo. He is generally immune to grapples except during his boss fight. Like Bif, he is also immune to falling.


The Greasers are on average slightly tougher than the Preppies, although none of them aside from Johnny are a match for Bif and Derby, nor do they dodge. They have three different fighting styles among them, all based on various martial arts. All of the Greasers except Norton, Hal and Johnny can punch downed opponents in the stomach similar to when Jimmy kicks someone if they are down. Out of all the cliques, they are the ones that block most often.

Lefty Mancini and Vance Medici are the Greaser melee fighters. They have a fighting stance that looks similar to Muay Boran. The strikes they use are hook punches, sometimes in a combo, and a Muay Thai roundhouse kick. From a grapple, they use either a gut slug, a special takedown that is unique to them, or a knee to the kidney and then a straight punch that knocks the opponent down. From a distance, they also use a straight, charging punch, which knocks most opponents down, as well as an unblockable roundhouse kick aimed for the kidneys. When they have someone pinned to the ground, they can use the same knee drop as Jimmy in addition to the same punch used by other students. Like with the Bullies, these attacks can only be seen by jumping or kicking while they have someone on the floor. They will occasionally use wooden planks as melee weapons.

The medium sized Greasers, Lucky De Luca, Peanut Romano and Ricky Pucino, are the Greaser strikers. They use what appears to be a Muay Thai kickboxing style, attacking with a low roundhouse kick, jumping push kick to the midsection which knocks an opponent backward, and a knee strike which can knock down anyone, even the toughest students like Russell and Bif, while throwing out hooks in combos of two or three. The medium sized Greasers are also the only ones who make use of the slingshot for ranged attack. Despite Peanut actually having his own stats, G_Striker_S, he was determined in a way that he is essentially the same as Lucky and Ricky.

There is an unused beta style. It consists strictly of Lefty's/Vance's first punch, sometimes followed by the mid-sized Greaser's knee strike. However, this style deals more damage. It is only used during The Eggs and Fighting Johnny Vincent.

Norton Williams and Hal Esposito are the Greaser grapplers. They have a fighting style more similar to street wrestling, making them the two toughest members of their clique behind Johnny himself. They use a punch combination of a hook followed by a wide swinging uppercut. Both punches break guard, and the uppercut knocks anyone who isn't immune to falling. They also use a savate front kick that breaks the guard, and knocks down anyone it connects with. From a grapple, they pick an opponent up for a bearhug that does continuous damage, and if it isn't broken they will eventually slam the victim to the ground for extra damage. The bearhug can be countered by pressing a button. If accompanied by other Greasers, they will hold their opponent's arms behind their back to give other Greasers free shots. They can sometimes throw a punch followed by a grapple attempt. Like Bryce and Chad, when they have someone pinned to the ground, they will just punch them. Unlike the other grapplers, they can also pin the opponent when they're already on the ground, which can be done by Jimmy as well. They can pin grapple-immune characters this way. However, those characters will always push them off when they try to punch them. Their front kick is powerful enough to drop even large tough students like Russell and Bif. They are both tough enough to survive a single body shot from the spud cannon, although a head shot knocks them out. Like Lefty and Vance, they sometimes use wooden planks as melee weapons.

Norton attacks Jimmy with a sledgehammer during the mission "The Tenements". He has three attacks: an overhead swing, a swing from the side, and a spinning swing. While he can't be dropped, he also can't block either.

Johnny Vincent has a unique fighting style. He can grab his opponent by the neck to throw a haymaker which knocks anyone down; this attack can't be countered. He has a unique triple punch combo, consisting of two jabs - one with each arm - and a left hook. He will occasionally use a stronger variant of these last two punches, breaking his opponent's guard with the hook, and following it an axe kick which takes an opponent down. It is possible to block the kick, but the hook must be avoided, and the kick will still go through a block provided Johnny is close enough. If the kick connects, he grinds his foot into his victim's head and spits on it. This combo is powerful enough to knock out most Nerds with the kick alone. He also incorporates his fellow mid-sized Greaser's punches, as well as Lefty and Vance's two kicks and charging punch. He has a sizeable amount of health effectively making him one of the toughest students. During the mission "Finding Johnny Vincent", he is immune to grapples. Johnny has an unused stance (seen in Wrong Part of Town when harassing Cornelius) and several unused moves and combos: A combo consisting of a low front kick and a middle front kick followed by either a spinning back heel kick or his signature axe kick. His two power moves are a jump hook kick and a tornado kick.


The Jocks are arguably the most dangerous clique to fight. Their attacking style is damaging, they all have larger than average health bars, and since the Jocks aren't often encountered away from their hideouts it is common for Jimmy to find himself fighting six or seven of them at once, including the highly aggressive and very tough Damon West. All of the Jocks use the same shoulder tackle attack as Jimmy (unlike all the other school clique members who throw running punches) and have grappling attacks. However, they seldom block, and do not have any kind of ranged attack. They display three distinct fighting styles.

Casey Harris and Bo Jackson are the Jock melee fighters. They use a boxing style punch combo, consisting of two hooks followed by a charged cross, capable of hitting anyone in its way; it deals no damage to either its intended or accidental targets, however. All three punches slightly stun the opponent. From a grapple they use the same moves as Bryce and Chad. If accompanied with other Jocks, they will hold their opponent to give other Jocks free shots, making them the only non-grappler students to be able to do so. There is an unused shoulder barge attack in their style, which deals a large amount of damage and can knock anyone down. They occasionally use baseball bats as melee weapons.

Luis Luna and Juri Karamazov are the Jock grapplers. They use pro wrestling moves. Their main attack is a two-hit combo starting with a right hook to the body followed by a polish hammer. The first hit will break Jimmy's guard and make him stumble, so unless he dodges it the second strike will knock him down. In early editions of the original Bully, they threw a first punch before the body hook. They can use the same knee drop as Jimmy in addition to the regular punch that other students use when they have someone on the floor. From a standing grapple they either use a backbreaker or a scoop piledriver, or take the opponent down. Unlike Russell's powerbomb, and Norton and Hal's bearhug, their wrestling moves can be countered by other characters apart from Jimmy. They can also hold their opponent, like Casey and Bo do. Like Norton and Hal, they can survive a spud round, and are defensively more apt at blocking punches than all the other jocks.

Dan Wilson and Kirby Olsen are the Jock strikers. They use a combo consisting of a jab, followed by an elbow strike and a jumping uppercut which breaks guard and knocks most students down. They only use their left arm to perform the combo. From a distance, they will use a football tackle, which takes down whoever it hits and puts them in a ground grapple, from which they will either knee drop the opponent or just punch them, like Luis and Juri do. The Football tackle even works on characters that are immune to grapples. However, those characters will always avoid the attacks that follow it, and girls will immediately break out of the ground grapple after being tackled. Like Casey and Bo, they will occasionally use baseball bats as melee weapons.

Damon West has the same fighting style as Dan and Kirby, but he is much more aggressive and has a large health meter. He also cannot be knocked down by any moves other than the overhead punch. Unlike other tough students like Bif and Russell, he isn't immune to grapples, and his biggest weakness is that he never blocks.

Ted Thompson uses the same fighting style as Damon, Dan and Kirby, and is just as aggressive as Damon. His health bar is almost twice the size of Dan and Kirby's, but smaller than Damon's, and he has the same blocking chance as Luis and Juri. Like Damon, Ted cannot be knocked down by any move other than the overhead punch, and he is not immune to grapples.

Bob has a unique fighting style. His fighting style is mostly the same as the Non-Clique students, although he uses Jerry and Gurney's headbutt from a schoolboy press, as well as the same punch as other students. If he's set to use a grapple from a standstill, he uses Hal's/Norton's bearhug, a straight punch, a knee to the face, or simply takes the opponent down like Luis and Juri.

The unused wrestling version of Luis has the same fighting style as his normal version, but is more aggressive than usual. From both a standing and ground grapple, he will use the same moves as Bob in addition to his usual moves. Unlike his normal version, however, he doesn't hold the opponent when accompanied by other Jocks.

During The Big Game, Damon, Casey, and Bo have a unique style, which consists solely of the football tackle. After performing the tackle, they grab their opponent by the legs and throw them into the air. It doesn't do any damage, however.

Ted has an unused beta style. Not everything is known about it, but he uses the same punches in his normal style, as well as the football tackle, though the tackle in this style has a minor animation glitch. The most notable things about this style, however, are his block, which is similar to the one Derby uses, in that he can effortlessly block any of Jimmy's attacks, even if they are powered up, and that he can evade any projectile thrown at him. He also recovers quickly from the very few attacks from different styles that can break his guard.


The Townies, including their leader Edgar Munsen, all use the same fighting style - a kidney punch, jumping knee, double axehandle combo, and all Townies excluding Jerry and Gurney use a clothesline, which knocks anyone down. Jerry and Gurney are the Townie grapplers, while the rest are the Townie strikers. Like Jimmy and the Jocks, they also use the shoulder tackle attack. In some versions of the game, all the Townies use the clothesline. Unlike the other grapplers, Jerry and Gurney don't use standing grapples. Instead, they only use running tackles, following them with a knee drop or a headbutt - unique to them - instead of the punch everyone else uses. All the Townies except Edgar, Jerry and Gurney will occasionally use wooden planks. Jerry and Gurney sometimes throw firecrackers from afar. Unlike Bucky and Donald, however, they can only throw a single firecracker, after which they'll proceed to fight hand-to-hand.

The Townie fighting style is the most damaging of all the cliques, and they're very aggressive when fighting. For that reason they're considered to be the toughest clique. However, their health, even for the bigger Townies, is about the same as the average Greaser's health.

Edgar has slightly more health than Damon but less than Bif. All the other Townies are about average in toughness. Even Omar, the Townie second in command, isn't any tougher than the rest of the Townies except for when Jimmy has to receive the key to the Chemical Plant. In his boss fight, Edgar attacks Jimmy with a water pipe. His attacks with it consist of a running strike, two sweeps, an overhead and an upwards swing. If he is using his style but is not holding a pipe, he cannot attack, but he has an unused counterattack. Due to the attack being in an unfinished state, the animation is glitchy. However, it is presumably a blow to the stomach, as it stuns whoever is hit by it.

In Bully, the double axehandle move that the Townies use goes through Jimmy's guard, damaging him and knocking him down. In Scholarship Edition, the difficulty of the Townies was toned down, and anyone can block the axehandle.

While interred in the Asylum, the townies have a different fighting style. They fight from a crouch with the Mascot's punches, and they will sometimes jump onto their opponent, wrap their legs around them to hold on, and then bite them. Clint (aka Henry), Jerry and Gurney were meant to have the bite attack as well, but this was canned.

Non-Clique Students

The Non-Clique students aren't aggressive and will almost never start a fight unless they are provoked first. Even if they do attack, Jimmy can sometimes cause them to run away from him by taunting them. Most of the non-clique boys use the same style, a 2-hook combo and a shove that breaks guard. Ray Hughes' fighting style consists only of a shove, but his shoves damage even a blocking opponent, whereas the shoves other Non-Clique students use break the guard. Unlike the other cliques, the punches Non-clique students use can hit anyone on their way, even if they don't intend to. With the exception of Constantinos, Sheldon, and Pedro, they are immune to being knocked down by any attack aside from the overhead punch.

Constantinos is as weak as Sheldon and Pedro. However, when Constantinos fights Jimmy while dressed as the Mascot, he has a unique fighting style. He uses the bullies' wide swinging punches (but with the punches connecting with the knuckles) and a field goal kick to the groin that goes through a block. During his boss fight, he also stuns Jimmy with a headbutt, after which he will run a certain distance and then attempt the same battering ram as Russell. Jimmy can recover from the stun quicker by repeatedly pressing a button. Like Russell, if the Mascot misses, he will be stunned for a few seconds after hitting a wall.

None of the Non-Clique students use any grappling moves or running attacks.

The Elves use the same style as the male Non-Clique students.

Gary Smith

During the early game, Gary uses the same flailing punches fighting style of the Bullies, however, while he can take the opponent down or throw them from a grapple like the Bullies, he will throw a straight punch to the face or a knee strike (like Chad, Bryce, Bo and Casey) instead of a gut slug, and when he has someone on the ground, he can use Jerry and Gurney's headbutt and a knee drop in addition to the punch and the face spit. Like the Bullies, and Lefty and Vance, this can only be seen by jumping or kicking while Gary has someone on the floor. He blocks very often during free roam and has a large life bar, behind only Russell, Bif and Damon.

In Final Showdown, he will use a fighting style unique to him called "Nemesis", In this fighting style, he can throw two hooks ending with an uppercut that knocks down, a jab followed with a block-breaking overhead punch which can be followed up by a block-breaking knee strike, a heavy combo consisting of a block-breaking overhand punch and a uppercut that knocks down, and a gut punch followed by a knee strike. He can also use Jimmy's Thrust Kick, but it won't pierce through a block.

Pete Kowalski

Pete is not a tough fighter. He uses the fighting style of the non-clique students; a 2-hook combo and a block-breaking shove. He tends to run away rather than fight. In missions, he cowers and yells for help.


All the girls, both the younger and older ones, have the same fighting style. It's very difficult to get a girl angry enough to start a fight with Jimmy, although beating enough people in their clique will make them angry. One sure way to make one attack him is to point the camera at her while she's already angry or if Jimmy has bad faction. Also, if Jimmy sprays a tag which is offensive to the girl's clique, she will attack him. Attacking a girl causes Jimmy's trouble meter to fill instantly.

The girls only have two attacks; a slap and a knee to the groin, which deals a moderate amount of damage. Even Zoe, who is according to various dialogue a good fighter, only uses these two moves. Girls are very likely to run away after performing a single attack, even if the strike missed. They can also be scared off if Jimmy taunts or pushes them; they'll usually run away even if they were actually attacking if this happens. All girls share the lowest health meter in the game.

Girls cannot be grappled. They will automatically knee Jimmy in the groin if he tries, and then run away. They can be hit with the running tackle from behind, however. Girls can't be knocked down by any moves other than the overhead punch. A glitch allows other students to grapple girls if they were aiming for Jimmy and grabbed the girl instead, but they automatically and instantly release them. The only exception is when prefects bust them for being outside after curfew.

If Jimmy is caught by one girl who he's kissed in the past making out with another one, the girls may fight each other by grabbing each other's hair. They'll do this for a few seconds and then run in opposite directions. The offended girl may take either a slap or knee at Jimmy, but she'll run away immediately afterwards, even if the strike missed.

If Jimmy gives a girl flowers and then insults the girl, the girl will slap him with the flowers twice and then run away.


The prefects never engage in fisticuffs and are trained in using a restraining technique to bust students. They bust students by grabbing them at the back of their shirt collars and then grappling them to the ground by the throat. Once a prefect has a student on the ground, he will keep them pinned to the ground by their collar. They will break up fights with a running punch before trying to grapple. Most students, including Jimmy, can break away from the prefects, with either a shoulder barge, a stomp to the foot, or a groin grab. However if the student is in serious enough trouble (trouble meter in the red), the prefects will bust them automatically the moment they gain a grip on them.

The prefects' ability to automatically bust someone, coupled with the fact that any attack on them puts Jimmy's trouble meter in the red, makes them nearly impossible to fistfight successfully. They are not immune to grapples, can be stuffed in lockers and trash cans, and given swirlies. They can also be fought at range with the slingshot or another weapon, however Seth has the ability to dodge bottle rockets fired at him.

Perhaps because they are students, prefects have relatively moderate-sized health bars, with Seth's being slightly larger than those of the other three. Their health points were probably carefully determined so that no single attack could knock them out. The most powerful attack in the game, a spud round to the head, reduces them to a sliver of health, but they remain fully combat-capable.


There are a few different fighting styles amongst the adults and townsfolk.

The male teachers, Edna and Miss Peters generally use the same busting technique as the prefects do, but unlike the prefects, it is impossible to grapple with them. The female Bullworth staff try to bust Jimmy by painfully grabbing his ear, and if they successfully bust him, twisting it and hauling him up on his tiptoes. All female staff aside from Edna are unable to use the jab takedown or running grapple. As with male authority figures, Jimmy can escape with the shoulder barge or foot stomp, as long as his trouble meter is not in the red. Grapple immune characters cannot be busted by female staff, except Edna.

Most townsfolk men and Brandy will attempt a grapple and takedown on Jimmy. They pin him to the ground and try to flag a policeman down. Jimmy (or other students) can escape by pushing them back and then ducking under their legs. However, if his trouble meter is in the red they get an automatic bust like an authority figure. Occasionally, they will use the same punches as the Non-Clique students. Their running grapple can take anybody down, but if they attempt a bust from a stand-still, grapple-immune characters will reverse it.

Attacking an adult or any authority figure will cause Jimmy's trouble meter to fill instantly.

The men from New Coventry, Mr. Moratti and Betty use running punches and grapple attempts. If Jimmy doesn't break the grapple, they'll execute the same takedown and call for authority that the other townsfolk use. Like the rest of the townsfolk, they'll occasionally use the same punches as the Non-Clique students. They cannot bust grapple-immune characters.

Zack Owens will use running punches and grapple attempts like the men from New Coventry if provoked inside his store. However, if he is enabled to appear in free roam via a hex editor, he will use running grapples and immediate takedowns like the rest of the townsfolk.

The two hobos, Handy and Krakauer, as well as Mr. Bubas and Mr. Gordon, have only 2 attacks, one of which is the same falling push attack as the skinny Nerds, and the other being a slap. They can't grapple, and are much more likely to run than fight.

All male adults, Edna and Betty will counter a punch with a slap or grapple attempt.

Fenwick uses a hybrid style. When running, he'll use the same grapple and takedown that the male townsfolk use. However, from a standstill, he fights like a townie.

It is possible to provoke a townsman into attacking Jimmy by repeatedly jumping at them. It is also possible to make them attack if you smash up their car if they are driving. If they take Jimmy down in front of an authority figure while his trouble meter is empty, the authority figure will try to bust the townsman.

Most Women will use the same slap and knee to the groin that the girls do, but their attacks are more damaging and they'll keep attacking Jimmy until he gets away from them or they knock him out instead of running. Policemen won't try to arrest them for attacking Jimmy.

Miss Abby and Mrs. Lisburn don't appear to fight, ever. Shopkeepers will evict Jimmy if he causes too much trouble.


Like the other authority groups, the Orderlies never engage in fisticuffs and will attempt to bust people. However their restraining technique differs to the one used by the police, prefects and other faculty. Instead of grounding someone to the floor, they inject them with a sedative. If Jimmy is busted by the Orderlies, the screen goes green, and swirly as he falls asleep.

Orderlies can not use the jab takedown, or the running grapple.

Grapple-immune characters cannot be busted by Orderlies.


The Police use the same restraining technique as the prefects. However, they are harder to escape from and very difficult to defeat in combat. If a student or an adult is in enough trouble, the Police get their bust automatically. Their stats are similar to male teachers, their life bar being equal to Bif's. Unlike the prefects, the police officers are immune to grappling. Like male adults, If Jimmy attempts to hit them, they will slap him.

They have 100% block chance.

Fighting with Weapons

In addition to hand to hand fighting, Jimmy and the cliques also fight with various types of weapons, which as follows:

  • Melee Weapons - Students typically use these such as baseball bats, yardsticks, or wooden planks to inflict more damage up close. Usually students performs quick downward swings to quickly knock out an opponent, though they can also swing sideways to knock the opponent off their feet. These types of melee weapons only last for eight attacks before breaking. If Jimmy or another student grabs an opponent with a melee weapon, they will grab the weapon and wrestle with the opponent until one of them succeeds and pushes the other opponent away. Melee weapons are occasionally used by Bullies, Jocks, and Townies
  • Ranged Weapons - Students utilize ranged weapons such as slingshots, eggs, or firecrackers to attack an opponent from afar. If Jimmy shoves an opponent with an egg or stinkbomb, he will grab the opponent before breaking the said object into their face, stunning them. Using firearm weapons such as the Bottle Rocket Launcher and Spudgun as a melee weapon consists of two swings with the weapon and a single kick. Ranged Weapons are primarily used by the Nerds to compensate for their low strength, though the other Cliques use ranged weapons as well.
  • Garbage Can Lids, Plaques, and Lunch trays can be used both as a melee and ranged weapon. When used up closed, the attack consists of a one-arm swing with the object before a two-handed downward slam with the weapon. Alternatively, they can also be used as a ranged object by throwing it. In addition, they act as shields against both types of attacks, and cannot break.

Fighting on Bikes

Beyond fighting on the ground, combat while riding bikes is also utilized by Bullworth students. Primarily fighting on bikes is used to sabotage an opponent in a bike race, though the Greasers are the main users due to being a "bike gang."

  • Fist: Consists of a single straight punch to the side, which can knock an opponent off their bike if done repeatedly
  • Egg: Throwing an egg can cause the victim to be stunned temporarily
  • Stink Bomb: Has similar effects to the egg, but has a larger radius, which can affect multiple students
  • Firecracker: The most dangerous tool to use when fighting on bikes, firecrackers can inflict heavy damage on the rider, and in some cases knock them off their bike