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Fire Alarm Box and its Alarm Bell

"Whoever pulled that fire alarm, YOU'RE GOING TO BURN IN HELL!"
Miss Danvers

Fire Alarms are a game mechanic in Bully.


Fire alarms are located throughout the buildings of Bullworth Academy, the Girls' Dorm, and the Boys' Dorm. They are easily identifiable as small red boxes on the wall, sometimes near fire extinguishers. The box itself isn't the alarm, but rather a handle that, when pulled, rings the fire alarm bell. When the alarm goes off, everyone in the school will stop what they are doing and jog toward an exit. When the alarm has stopped, everyone will resume their business immediately. All students have unique dialogue in reaction to fire alarms.

When a student pulls the fire alarm Miss Danvers will usually complain about the prank over the intercom. It is also a violation of school rules and will show on the trouble meter as "Pulling Alarm". Prefects and other authority will try and bust students for this. The Bullies can sometimes be seen pulling the alarm.

Fire alarms cannot be found in the Library, Gym or Harrington House, or anywhere outside of the campus. Interestingly, if the player looks at a fire alarm through the scope on the Super Slingshot, the text "SIMPLEX" can be seen on the bottom. This is a possible reference to real-life security and communications company SimplexGrinnell, which manufactures fire alarms similar to the in-game model.

If Jimmy pulls the fire alarm 20 times, he is rewarded with the Firefighter Helmet.


Boys Dorm[]

  • Near Jimmy's Dorm room, to the left of the door.
  • End of the Hallway to the left, near the couch.

Girls Dorm[]

  • On the wall immediately left of the hallway upon entrance.
  • Walking down that hallway, another is placed below an alarm bell, near the side exit door.
  • Near the Bookshelf in the den with the fireplace.
  • Upstairs to the left or the staircase, on the wall.
  • Upstairs to the right down the hallway at the end to your right.

Main Building[]

  • Lower floor (West) - Next to a classroom, near the lockers.
  • Lower floor (East) - Next to the Math classroom.
  • Upper floor (West) - On the farthest wall next to the lockers, near the Boys Bathroom. A fire extinguisher is on the wall close to it.
  • Upper floor (East) - Near the furthest wall, no notable objects nearby. Though the Girls Bathroom is not far, as well as the wall it is on is completely bare of posters, bells, and fire extinguishers.