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Flowers are an item that can be used in Bully.

Flowers PickUp

A bouquet of flowers pickup

Description and Information[]

Flowers come in a bunch consisting of roses and can be given as a gift to any of the girls or boys who might want to make out with Jimmy, excluding Eunice Pound who will only accept chocolates.

They can be found in lockers or be bought in the Yum Yum Market all over Bullworth. They can also be picked at many locations around Bullworth, including on campus by the Girls' Dorm and Library, the Happy Endings Retirement Home, and some of the yards in Blue Skies Industrial Park. If Jimmy smashes flower bushes at the above locations, a bouquet of flowers will occasionally drop.

Role in Mission[]

Flowers, like chocolate, don't play a big part in the game. They are first introduced after Art 1, where Jimmy gives flowers to Angie before making out with her. Jimmy is also required to have flowers to initiate the mission Carnival Date, as he gives it to Pinky on the openning cutscene. During the mission Jealous Johnny, Gord goes out with Lola and gives her flowers once in a while. During one of the errands, Jimmy is tasked to pick flowers and put them on Mrs. Lisburn's late husband's grave.