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The Football Field is a location in Bully as the "gridiron" at Bullworth Academy. Because of its nature, it is the Jocks' main turf, as seen by their constant presence on the field.


The football field is the southernmost location on campus, on the edge of the game map. South of the football field is a wooden fence that, as the map border, can't be passed through. The scoreboard and a small shack housing the controls are against this fence. On the north side of the field are the bleachers and a few tables for sitting. On the west side of the field is the Jock's Clubhouse. Southwest of the field, opposite of the Jock's Clubhouse is the Observatory.

Students who are on the Dodgeball team can be seen running laps throughout the day, even during rainy weather and curfew. The Jocks will attack the Nerds on sight and will sometimes shove the Preppies and Greasers.

Access to the Football Field can be taken from the stairs between the bleachers from the main campus, or from the path from the Observatory.


  • Slingshot - Under encouragement from Gary, Jimmy uses his newly acquired slingshot to harass the football team, who are practicing on the football field under Mr. Burton
  • Nice Outfit - Jimmy goes to the field to harass the Bullworth mascot and provokes him to give chase to the pool, where Jimmy takes the mascot costume as part of Operation Trojan Cow
  • The Big Game - The major focus of the mission is based on the field, where Jimmy performs various pranks to sabotage the football game
  • Jock Boss Fight - After discovering the perpetrator of the football game's pranks, the Jocks fight Jimmy on the field in front of the school population.

The Football Field also is the third level of Detention, where Jimmy must mow 80% of the grass on the field.