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The entrance to the Freak Show

The Freak Show is a tent located in the Carnival with a collection of freaks living in their own rooms with glass protecting them. Unlike other characters, Jimmy cannot interact with the freaks.

The Skeleton Man[]

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Alfred Freak Show

The Skeleton Man, named Alfred, is the first freak in the Freak Show. He is extremely skinny, so skinny that the outline of his bones are visible. He wears a top hat, pants, and shoes. He also smokes a cigarette and usually talks about his past life. He is equipped with a walking stick.

The Fat, Ugly, Bearded Woman[]

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Paris Freak Show

The Fat, Ugly, Bearded Woman, named Paris, is the second freak in the Freak Show. She is, as her nickname implies, very fat and has facial hair. She wears purple underwear and sandals. She binges on nachos and watches TV, making comments about the shows and commercials.

The Siamese Sisters[]

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Delilah and Jezebel Freak Show

The Siamese Sisters, named Delilah and Jezebel, are the third freaks in the Freak Show. They are conjoined by their waist and have only two legs. Delilah is the kinder one and Jezebel is the meaner one. They wear a long pink dress, long white socks, and shoes. Delilah talks about her goals and aspirations while Jezebel cannot stand her sister and often pushes her.

Midget Wrestling[]

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Zeke and Lightning Freak Show

The Midgets, named Zeke and Lightning, are the fourth and fifth freaks in the Freak Show. They are (as their name implies) midgets who wrestle in a boxing ring. Zeke wears red tights, a red bandana, and a championship belt. Lightning is black, wears silver briefs and has silver dyed hair. They constantly wrestle with no breaks. Zeke uses the same martial arts based fighting style that the Greasers use, Lightning uses the Preppies boxing style. Jimmy can bet up to $100 on one of them to win.

The Crazy Painted Man[]

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Drew Freak Show

The Crazy Painted Man, named Drew, is the sixth freak in the Freak Show. He is (as his name implies) painted head to toe and screams like the patients in Happy Volts Asylum. He wears only blue underwear. He constantly screams and holds on to the bars of his prison-like cage.

The Last Mermaid[]

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Courtney Freak Show

The Last Mermaid, named Courtney, is the seventh and final freak in the Freak Show. She is a mermaid who swims in her tank-like cage. She only wears two starfish covering her breasts. She does not make any audible sound, but only swims around and blows kisses at the visitors.