Bully Wiki
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Anthony Macbain
"Nobody would guess that plain old carney Freeley is actually the Great Gas Station Bandit!"

Freeley is a character in Bully. He was voiced by Anthony Macbain.

Character Description[]

Freeley wears a blue cap over bushy orange hair and matching beard. He wears a red apron over a white polo shirt, jeans and sneakers, and is slightly chubby. He has a very faint Appalachian accent.


Freeley, according to himself, is a serial criminal known as the "Great Gas Station Bandit." He's on the run from the law so he doesn't get sent back to 'The Big House', and is trying to keep a low profile working at the carnival so the heat on him dies down. Almost everything he talks about aside from doing his job is related to his criminal past. He talks about how he has to keep his head down so the law doesn't find him. Whenever he gets in a fight or watches a fight he compares it to fights he saw in prison, and whenever he warns a kid to behave or attempts to bust them, he talks about how tough it is in prison. He claims that his crimes are severe enough that he'll be put in solitary confinement for a year. It's implied that he isn't really the criminal he thinks he is and the reason the law hasn't come looking is because he's just not a big deal.

Role in game[]

Freeley works at the Carnival, where he operates the rides.

Deleted content[]

Voice lines for the mission Funhouse Fun were found in Freeley's data. His role in the mission seemed to be announcing the various rooms of the funhouse.

Freeley also has a series of dialogue lines, MYSTM, that seem to relate to Jimmy hunting rats for him so he can make hamburgers out of them. MYSTM is probably short for 'mystery meat'. It could have been that Jimmy was to work a job in fast food through Freeley the same way he worked a Lawn Mowing job through Dorsey. The Fast Food errand may be a remnant of this idea.


  • Among Freeley's unused dialogue lines for Funhouse Fun is one where he complains angrily about mayonnaise on his burger[1]. Algie is, like Freeley, a chubby redhead who despises mayonnaise. This could be taken to imply that Freeley is Algie's father.


  1. Dialogue file Freeley_4-04_009_v3: "Why do they keep putting mayonnaise on my burger?! It's disgusting and... hey, is this thing on?!