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This article features content exclusive to the Scholarship and Anniversary editions of Bully. This feature is not available on the original version of the game.

The Generic Kids appear in the Scholarship Edition exclusive mission Rudy the Red Nosed Santa. They were voiced by Johnathan Bick, Kate Maclean, Owen Bick, Stacy-Lee Meloche, and Taylor Brown, but it is unknown which voice actor voiced which specific kid.

Although the models of Pedro De La Hoya, Sheldon Thompson, Gloria Jackson, Melody Adams and Karen Johnson were used for the mission, the original voice actors did not return. Also, the children had completely different personalities from their usual ones. Each kid was accompanied by one of the Generic Parents, although the Parents stayed offscreen.

Characterization discrepancies[]

  • Pedro, who is usually meek, was portrayed as a hellion. He shrieked, screamed, threatened, and demanded a skateboard with flaming skull decals on it.
  • Sheldon, who is usually a teacher's pet, sulked about how much he hated Christmas. He also talked with a stereotypically babyish 'th' lisp.
  • Gloria, who is usually intelligent, simply gushed about how much she liked Santa and how good she'd been all year.
  • Melody spoke precociously like Gloria usually does, and espoused a green-progressive lifestyle, talking about carbon footprints and electric cars.
  • Karen, who is usually a tomboy, displayed a spoiled princess personality and demanded the "Super Pretty Pony Princess Playset".

Deleted content[]

  • There was dialogue rigged to Gloria's model in which she whined that she didn't want to get on Santa's lap and then screamed and bawled. Whereas the dialogue for the parts where the kids sat on Santa's Lap was marked as either _TALK_ or _MAKEFACE_, this unused dialogue was denoted as regular mission lines. Furthermore, Gloria wasn't given _MAKEFACE_ dialogue.