This article features content exclusive to the Scholarship and Anniversary editions of Bully. This feature is not available on the original version of the game.
Teacher Mr. Matthews
Day Available Day 5
Scholarship Only? Yes
Location Main Building: Ground floor, right side from the main entrance, right next to it, in front of the school clothes shop
Classmates Bryce
Passing Grade 70%

Screenshot of Geography 1

Geography is one of the minigame classes at Bullworth Academy, exclusive to the Scholarship Edition and Anniversary Edition versions of Bully. It is taught by Mr. Matthews.

The Geography minigame has a map on the screen and a row of flags identified by country or state along the bottom. Jimmy must correctly match the flags to the unlabelled countries on the larger map. Each mistake made takes 5 seconds off his timer, a score below 70% fails the class.


Class Map Reward
Geography 1 Europe Eiffel Tower Hat
Geography 2 United States Racing Outfit (you may just get the head)
Rubber Band Locations marked
Geography 3 Asia Panda Outfit (you may just get the head)
G&G Card Locations marked
Geography 4 Middle East & North Africa Pith Hat
Transistor Locations marked
Geography 5 Central & South America

Explorer Outfit
Gnome Locations marked
Globe Trophy


  • After Jimmy finishes the class, he will stand outside of the English classroom, instead of the Geography classroom. This will always happen after a Geography class in the Xbox 360 and Wii versions, but it was corrected in the PC version.
  • The Geography classroom uses the same interior as the English and Math classrooms.
  • This is the only new class in Scholarship Edition and Anniversary Edition that gives Jimmy a new upgrade for every completed class (he also gets a new hat and clothes).
  • The Anniversary Edition updates the maps slightly. Areas within Eastern Europe no longer have any Cold War borders and the flags of Libya, Myanmar and Afghanistan were updated.

Errors Edit

Geography 2 Edit

  • Hawaii's three smallest islands (Kaho'olawe, Lanai, and Ni'ihau) are not drawn.
  • Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York's Long Island are drawn as one contiguous state.

Geography 3 Edit

  • Oman and UAE are conjoined.

Geography 5 Edit

  • Nayarit, a state of Mexico, is colored differently from the rest of Mexico as though it were its own country rather than a state.

Video Walkthrough Edit

Geography Classes - Bully Scholarship Edition

Geography Classes - Bully Scholarship Edition

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