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Glass House
Chapter 3
Storyline No
Time 3:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Location English classroom
Given by Mr. Galloway
Cash $40
Mission Here's to you Ms. Philips

Glass House is a mission that first becomes available in Chapter 3.

The Mission[]


Jimmy finds Mr. Galloway in his room, upset and drinking scotch. He tells Jimmy that Mr. Hattrick is on his case again, badmouthing him in the staff room, trying to get him fired and trying to turn Ms. Philips against him, then chugs half the bottle. Jimmy then tells Galloway how he deals with problems: by "showing that they've massively underestimated the force that they were dealing with, and then really giving them something to complain about."


Jimmy skitching a ride on Mr

Jimmy heads to the Parking Lot, where Hattrick is about to head home. Jimmy uses his skateboard to skitch a ride on Hattrick's car and follows him to his house in Old Bullworth Vale. If he is seen by Mr. Hattrick, the mission is failed.

Once there, Jimmy's goal is to commit as much vandalism as he can. Mr. Hattrick's mansion has many windows and potted plants in the yard, and a greenhouse in the back yard. Jimmy's goal is to break as many things as possible. A bar is displayed on the screen, and each bit of damage Jimmy does adds to it. He can throw potted plants through the windows, shoot windows in the house and greenhouse out with his slingshot, kick or jump on the raised flowerbeds, as well as damage Hattrick’s car.

After the third broken window, Hattrick will call the police. Upon arrival, they will patrol Hattrick's yard. However, there are a few empty flowerpots Jimmy can hide in to avoid them.

Once Jimmy has filled the bar, Hattrick himself walks out onto his porch. He has a very wide sight radius, the widest of any authority figure in a mission, and it's almost impossible for Jimmy to escape the yard without being seen by Hattrick. However, all he has to do is get out of the yard to complete the mission.

Bully Glitch[]

In the original Bully release, when Jimmy made it out of the yard, the game would pause while the successful mission stats displayed. However, the police and Hattrick didn't stop. This resulted in Jimmy being busted while unable to run away or defend himself. This bug has been fixed in all editions.


This mission must be completed to start Here's to you Ms. Philips, however, Here's to You Ms. Philips will not be available until Chapter 4 regardless.

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