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Gloria Jackson
Clique None
Gender Female
Family Bo Jackson
Lance Jackson
Kissable No
Missions Rudy the Red Nosed Santa
Voice Actor Leah Oster
"Perhaps a strong showing in the History Bowl will win me a scholarship."
— Gloria

Gloria Jackson is a character in Bully, and is a young Non-Clique Student at Bullworth Academy. She is voiced by Leah Oster.

Character description[]

Gloria is a little black girl. She wears glasses which have thick black frames. She has black hair which is tied into two buns at the back. She wears a dark teal skirt with suspenders over a white blouse and a red tie. In the winter she wears a dark teal sweater, white tights, black boots, a pair of dark red gloves, and dark red earmuffs. Out of ten black students in the school, she is the only female.

Gloria was originally designed as an older girl. It's unknown when or why she was changed into a little kid. Her flirting and kissing dialogue can still be found in the data files.


Gloria is extremely intelligent and precocious, especially considering her young age. Unlike other Non-Clique Students such as Gordon and Lance, she does appear to be genuinely intelligent, although she's conceited about it and likes to show off her knowledge. She likes to name-drop the various authors and philosophers she reads, which includes Marx, Shakespeare, Toynbee, Socrates and Machiavelli. Her favorite subject is history; she spends a lot of time reading in the Bullworth Archives, and regularly mentions participating in the History Bowl in hopes of earning a scholarship.

Gloria is also rather gossipy, although she likes to attribute the things she says to her "sources" and "scuttlebutt". She occasionally mentions regretting the loss of chastity as an ideal, and complains about banality. When speaking she often uses long, intellectual words, and sometimes uses archaic ones as well. The closest she comes to using slang are the words "girl" and "sexy".  She claims that the glasses she wears are a family heirloom, and makes a few roundabout mentions of her family being wealthy.

She shares a last name and skin color with Bo Jackson and Lance Jackson, and may be related to them. She mentions having a sister named Livvy while out-of-character as a Generic Kid during the Scholarship Edition Christmas missions.

Role in game[]

Gloria plays no role in any mission in Bully. She does give Jimmy one errand, which involves him breaking into three lockers.

Constantinos has a crush on her. He gives Jimmy an errand to pick the lock on Gloria's locker and place chocolates in it.

In Scholarship Edition, she participates in the mission Rudy the Red Nosed Santa. In the mission, she thinks Rudy is the real Santa and asks for lots of presents.

Deleted content[]

Gloria originally appeared in the opening of Nerd Challenge, where she requested that Jimmy would go meet Zack Owens inside Dragon's Wing Comics.

She also had an errand where she asked Jimmy to put laundry detergent in the courtyard fountain.