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Go See The Principal
Chapter 5
Storyline Yes
Time The first morning after completing the mission Preppies Vandalized
Location Principal's office
Given by Miss Danvers
Cash None
Mission Busting In, Part I
Mailbox Armageddon

Go See The Principal is a mission during Chapter 5.

The Mission[]


Though not technically a mission, it does appear as one. The first morning Jimmy wakes up on the school campus after passing the mission Preppies Vandalized, Miss Danvers announces over the PA system that he must come to the Principal's Office immediately. Once there, a cutscene starts, ending the mission.

In the cutscene, Dr. Crabblesnitch informs Jimmy that he is the most unpopular student in the school, even more so than "the fat child who wets himself." He then says how Gary told him about Jimmy vandalizing the Town Hall, and proceeds to expel him. His Mom can't be contacted on her cruise ship, so Dr. Crabblesnitch allows Jimmy to stay on campus, but not wearing the school uniform or attending classes.

If Jimmy was wearing the school uniform, he will be wearing the brown jacket and jeans he started the game in after the cutscene ends.

Post-Mission Free Roam Changes[]

After the mission concludes, the school classes cannot be attended, and the missions in the Hattrick vs. Galloway series become unavailable. However, despite Crabblesnitch's statement that Jimmy may not wear the school uniform anymore, he can wear it without repercussions and will get yelled at by the prefects if out of uniform. He can still be given detention if he gets in trouble on campus.


  • Strangely, Miss Danvers' PA system announcements can be heard anywhere on campus, rather than just in the Main Building and Boys' Dorm.
  • In some versions of the game, the mission is called "Go See the Headmaster."
  • Jimmy has an unused quote after he is sent back to his dorm bedroom, saying "Expelled again and beaten by Gary. Man, I've got to sort this out fast."
  • If Jimmy gets busted three times on-campus, this mission will play automatically when it becomes available instead of detention.
  • It has been confirmed on the PC version that occasionally, once this mission is passed, right away after Jimmy spawns in the Boys' Dorm, there will be a random faculty member present in the hallways. Most of the time, it is Mr. Burton. Rarely, it may be Dr. Watts and/or Dr. Slawter. If two of them spawn, one of them may enter a room, while the other will keep roaming the hallways and will exhibit a normal authority behavior. If the player exits the dorm, the authority figure won't be there once the player goes back in. No further authority figures spawn if one of them is attacked and/or knocked out. The reason behind this glitch is unknown. It is believed that early in development adults were due to be in the boys dorm similar to in the girls dorm, the programming may still exist which could be the reason for the glitch.

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