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Gordon Wakefield
Clique None
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Halloween
Voice Actor Uncredited
"I can't believe she asked me that! Of course I'm the center of my universe! Sheesh!"
— Gordon

Gordon Wakefield is a character in Bully and is a Non-Clique Student at Bullworth Academy. His voice actor is unknown as he was not listed in the Bully credits.

Character description[]

Gordon is a skinny student with brown/red hair and green eyes. He wears the standard Bullworth dark teal V-neck sweater with a white shirt and yellow-and-black striped tie, tan trousers, and blue loafers. In the winter, he adds a dark teal hoodless jacket and a pair of baby blue gloves.


Gordon falls under the Ivy League kid stereotype. He is very arrogant and self-satisfied. His favorite topic of conversation is himself, and he also enjoys verbally cutting down other people, including Jimmy. This extends to fights; when watching, he claims he could do better, and when he fights, he makes up excuses as to why he didn't win. He mumbles about being a good kisser because he "practiced for years on [his] arm", and that an unnamed girl "must suck so much that she can't tell", showing further evidence of his crude arrogance. He is often confused with Ivan Alexander as they have a similar appearance.

Gordon appears to be motivated to do well in his classes, although he doesn't get along with the English teacher Mr. Galloway, who gives him B's. He also claims that he's being recruited by several different Ivy League schools.

Role in game[]

Gordon has no role in the storyline at any point in the game.

He can be seen during Halloween dressed up in a Jason Voorhees style hockey mask, although he doesn't participate in any of the missions.