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The Nerds playing G&G during This Is Your School. From left to right, Earnest, Algie and Cornelius.

Grottos and Gremlins is a role-playing game that the Nerds play. It appears to be a parody of different tabletop role playing/cards/war strategy games like Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer as it involves role playing, miniature strategy and collectible cards. In an early cutscene, some of the Nerds are seen playing it in the cafeteria, and later, Melvin's G&G Character Sheets are stolen by the Bullies. Two sets are also found in the Dragon's Wing Comics shop, one at a table to the left on the ground floor, and one nestled near the Beam Cola machine in the basement.

Apparently the game is so popular that it was necessary to ban it from the classrooms, and there are frequent announcements via intercom reminding pupils of this, as well as a derogatory remark towards Melvin.

Rockstar was going to make Grottos and Gremlins into a minigame based on the arcade game Gauntlet, but due to lack of time this idea was scrapped.[1].

Relevant missions[]

G&G Cards[]

Grottos and Gremlins Cards are one of the various collectible items in the game. The cards are scattered all over Bullworth. They are hidden in Bully, but in Scholarship Edition and Anniversary Edition, passing Geography 3 reveals their location on the map. Collecting them all earns Jimmy the Grotto Master Outfit.


  • The Grotto Master Outfit is a direct reference to the Dungeons & Dragons role of Dungeon Master, which is mainly the storyteller and referee of a roleplaying session.
  • The design of the G&G cards, if zoomed in-game, will display a very similar design layout to the Magic: The Gathering Cards.
  • This game is also enjoyed by Townie Duncan. His love for this game may indicate that he was a Nerd before dropping out of Bullworth Academy.