Teacher Mr. Burton
Day Available Day 2
Scholarship Only? No
Location Gymnasium: Athletics area
Classmates Fatty
Passing Grade Complete instructions (1 and 3) or win dodgeball (2, 4, and 5)
For the building, see Gymnasium.

Gym is a class taught by Mr. Burton at Bullworth Academy.

Jimmy does two activities during Gym class: wrestling and dodgeball.

During wrestling, Jimmy's opponent is invariably Fatty. Watching the matches are Kirby and Gord together, Casey by himself, and Ivan, Trevor, and Constantinos together. The cheerleaders are there also, Angie and Christy there once together, and once also with Pinky.

Wrestling class is used to unlock new fighting moves. The player is taught the button input to perform the move, and must successfully perform it twice to unlock it. Once all moves have been unlocked, Fatty starts taking damage and Jimmy must knock him out to pass. Gym 1 teaches Jimmy the headbutt and the three strike combo. Passing it unlocks those two moves and the gut slug. Gym 3 teaches Jimmy the kneedrop and the three hit ground combo. It is impossible to fail wrestling lessons. Fatty doesn't fight back and there is neither a time limit nor a limit on amount of tries the player gets to perform a move.

During dodgeball, Jimmy is forced to team with three of the Nerds: Algie, Bucky and Thad. Winning at dodgeball class improves Jimmy's accuracy with the slingshot.

Gym 1 is available after This Is Your School, but Gym 2 does not become available until Jimmy has obtained the slingshot by finishing the mission The Setup. Gym is the one class Jimmy can't take over again after passing it. Instead, he can start games of dodgeball for money wagers.

Strategy Edit

There is a very easy way to win dodgeball games. While you have the ball, jump while running towards the middle and throw the ball. This will hit an opposite team member 99% of the time. Also, the ball will roll back on your side of the court, making it impossible for the other team to even grab the ball.

Classes and RewardsEdit

Class Game Reward
Gym 1 Wrestling Headbutt and 3-Hit Combo Unlocked
Gym 2 Dodgeball vs Preppies Weapon Accuracy Improved
Gym 3 Wrestling Knee Drop Unlocked
Wrestling Headgear trophy
Gym 4 Dodgeball vs Greasers Weapon Accuracy Improved
Gym 5 Dodgeball vs Jocks Weapon Accuracy Improved
Dodgeball trophy


  • In the data files, a version of Luis in a wrestling singlet was found. It's unknown why he was removed. Presumably he was intended to be an opponent who fights back, unlike Fatty.
  • Mr. Burton still teaches this class after he is fired (similar to Math class, after Mr. Hattrick was also fired). This can be explained, though. Both of the teachers are fired towards the end of the school year (towards summer). It would make sense for Dr. Crabblesnitch to still keep them working until he finds replacements for the new school year.

Video Walkthrough Edit

Gym Classes - Bully Scholarship Edition

Gym Classes - Bully Scholarship Edition

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