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For the class, see Gym.
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Jimmy in gym class, wrestling with Fatty Johnson

The Gymnasium of Bullworth Academy is a sports complex where Gym class is taught.

Location on Campus[]

The Gym is located at the far end of the school. East of it is Harrington House, and to the west is the Auto Repair Shop. The Gym is the main hangout of the Jocks clique.

Building Description[]

The Gym has two buildings. One is the sports hall. It appears to be primarily a basketball court, although it is used for wrestling and dodgeball. The other building houses the swimming pool. The swimming pool is filled only to ankle-depth at the lower end and is out of use. There are two locker rooms, one for male and one for female. These are located underground just between the two buildings and a passageway leads to both locker rooms from both buildings.

Outside the buildings are two basketball courts, a soda machine and benches along the walls.

Jocks are less hostile inside the gym than they are outside it and on the football field. They can even occasionally be seen socializing with Non-Clique Students near the stairs to the locker rooms.