Bully Wiki
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Paul Diomede
"You're not nearly as important as me!"
— Handy

Handy is one of the Townsfolk who resides in New Coventry. He was voiced by Paul Diomede.

Character description[]

Handy wears a ragged brown jacket over a soiled pink shirt, with a pair of dirty brown slacks, brown slippers and a brown urban hat. He also has a large white beard, long white hair that grows over his collar and a mole on his nose. During the wintertime, he adds a Santa hat to the outfit.


Handy walks the streets, drinking beer, abusing drugs and asking for money. He can be found sleeping under the harbour bridge in Old Bullworth Vale. He hates raccoons and thinks people always have bad thoughts about him. Handy is always rude to Jimmy and calls him a "little runt".

Unlike the other townsmen, Handy does not use a citizen's arrest. Rather, he uses slaps and a falling push similar to the nerds.

A version of Handy named "Drunk Instructor" appeared on Tyler Wilson's website. Strangely, a few lines of Handy's dialogue reference writing and language. It is possible that very early on in the development stages of Bully, he was to be the English teacher before Mr. Galloway was created.

Role in game[]

Handy asks Jimmy Hopkins to first help find his pills, and later requests him to exchange some loose change for a cowboy hat.

He also appears in the mission Cook's Crush. When Edna asks Jimmy to find some sedatives, Jimmy steals them from a trash can near Handy. Handy pursues him briefly but vomits and passes out.

Deleted content[]

According to unused audio files of the game, Handy was going to be featured at some point in the beta version of the Movie Tickets mission. In order for Jimmy to lure Dorsey away from the movie theater in Bullworth Town, he would have had to fetch him some flowers from a grave located at the Old Bullworth Vale church. Handy would have spotted Jimmy and would have complained, as he usually steals flowers from the cemetery. For some reason, Edna would be here alongside Handy.