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Hattrick vs. Galloway
Chapter 2
Storyline Yes
Time Outside of class time, until 6:30 p.m.
Location English classroom
Given by Mr. Galloway
Item Camera
Mission Photography class
Movie Tickets*
Prep Challenge*

Hattrick vs. Galloway is a storyline mission. It is available at the very beginning of Chapter 2.

The Mission[]


Jimmy overhears Mr. Hattrick yelling at Mr. Galloway, and stops to listen. Galloway has been drinking, and Hattrick is berating him. Hattrick expresses his intent to get Galloway fired by telling Dr. Crabblesnitch. After he leaves, Jimmy enters the room to find Galloway drinking from a bottle of Scotch in a brown paper bag. He takes the alcohol away from him. Galloway thanks Jimmy, and asks him to find the other bottles of scotch he's left around the school, and give them to Ms. Philips. Then, as Jimmy is out of sight, he pulls another bottle out from his desk and pops the lid.


Jimmy needs to find three bottles; one in the cafeteria, one in the trophy case upstairs, and one in the second-floor girls bathroom.

The first bottle is in the kitchen, on the right side. Edna will make a quote about Hattrick and Galloway's feud, and will notice Jimmy and start yelling at him, but nothing else happens.

The next bottle is in the trophy case upstairs outside Crabblesnitch's office. Jimmy overhears Hattrick tattling to Crabblesnitch about Galloway's drinking. They will soon leave the office and search the school for the bottles. Hattrick stops, because he smells one of the bottles, but continues to search. Jimmy must break the case (jumping towards it works, as do the slingshot and firecrackers) and get the bottle. If Hattrick and Crabblesnitch are nearby, they will chase Jimmy, causing Jimmy to hide until the coast is clear.

The final bottle is in the last stall in the girl's second-floor bathroom. Mandy is in the bathroom, and when Jimmy enters she runs out and alerts Mrs. Peabody.

Having found all three bottles, Jimmy meets Ms. Philips out in the parking lot. He hands over the bottles to her, and she gives him a camera and gives the bottles to The Hobo to dispose of them.



  • When Jimmy gets the bottle from the cafeteria, Edna will scold him, saying "You! What are you doing?! That's disgusting!" This was actually meant to be used in The Big Game. See the mission page's trivia section for more details.
  • The Prefects have unused lines in this mission for chasing and busting Jimmy while he is carrying a bottle.
  • There is also an unused cutscene dialogue for this mission that involves Crabblesnitch and Hattrick questioning Jimmy for the bottles after he is is caught carrying one. It can be seen here.
  • This mission is the only one where Crabblesnitch is seen in free roaming.

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