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The Health Bar is a HUD meter on the screen in Bully.


The purpose of the health bar is to show the player how much health Jimmy has. When he takes a hit from another student, gets hit by a car or jumps from a certain height, his health lowers. If his health bar runs out of health, Jimmy will be knocked out and be sent to the nearest Medical Center. If Jimmy was knocked out while in the middle of a mission, the mission will be failed and Jimmy will have to do it all over again, either from a checkpoint or the beginning.

Health Levels[]

Normal Health[]

Normal Health is the health that changes into three different colors; green, yellow and red. When the health is green, it means that the health bar is mostly or completely full. When the health is yellow, it means that the health is somewhat half-full and that Jimmy is half-way to get knocked out. When the health is red, the health bar is almost empty and Jimmy is in danger of being knocked out.

Bonus Health[]

Bonus Health is extra health that Jimmy can get from kissing girls or boys. In order to earn Bonus Health, Jimmy has to complete different lessons of Art. When Jimmy completes Art 1, he gets 25% Bonus Health; Art 2, 50% Bonus Health; Art 3, 75% Bonus Health and Art 4, 100% Bonus Health. When Jimmy completes Art 5, he doesn't have to give gifts to girls to get Bonus Health.

Reviving Health[]

There are a couple of ways to revive your health. Drinking Beam Cola will refill the bar by 1/3. Eating fruits like apples and bananas will refill the bar by a small amount. Sleeping will fill the bar completely. Kissing another student will fill the bar depending on which Art classes Jimmy has passed.

One of the game files include a value controlling the rate of health regeneration, but it has been disabled in the final product.