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Help Gary
Chapter 1
Storyline Yes
Time Before 11:00 p.m.
Location Boys' Dorm
Given by Gary
Cash None
Mission Russell in the Hole*

Help Gary is a mission in Chapter 1.

The Mission[]

The Setup[]

Jimmy enters the lounge in the boys dorm to see Gary acting particularly weird, drumming his fists on his legs and muttering under his breath. He claims he's found something "incredible" and tells Jimmy that "nothing will be the same again". Jimmy is reluctant, explaining that he can't keep getting in trouble, but Gary responds abrasively. Jimmy finally reluctantly follows him.


Gary first leads Jimmy to the parking lot and goads the Bullies Trent, Davis and Troy into attacking them. He then leads Jimmy into the basement of the building. Jimmy has to navigate through the basement rooms, hitting switches to open the doors and using a fire extinguisher on the heater to quell a steam draft blocking a hallway.

Finally, Gary leads Jimmy to The Hole, where the next mission Russell in the Hole starts automatically.


  • It is possible to learn the leg sweep before Russell in the Hole. Just get the transistor and attack Gary and you will fail the mission, then give the transistor to the Hobo before restarting the mission again. In Scholarship Edition, you have to knock Gary out to fail the mission.
  • The mission was originally titled Betrayal, according to the mission strings.

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