Bully Wiki

The Hierarchy is an informal ranking of the cliques at Bullworth Academy.


Hierarchy Position Clique Leader Second in Command
Fifth (Weakest) Nerds Earnest Jones None
Fourth Bullies Russell Northrop None
Third Preppies Derby Harrington Bif Taylor
Second Greasers Johnny Vincent Peanut Romano
First (Strongest) Jocks Ted Thompson Damon West

Hierarchy primarily affects how the students interact with each other on campus. Students from a group higher in the hierarchy will more often than not intimidate students lower in the hierarchy in an argument.

The Townies are not part of the hierarchy since they're not actually Bullworth students.

The Non-Clique Students also do not factor into the hierarchy, as they are not a clique and thus unable to have social status related to one.

Beta changes

Supposedly the original plan was for the Bullies to be Non-Clique Students who picked on other Non-Clique Students. Due to difficulty programming this, the Bullies were split off into their own clique. Meanwhile, the Punks were going to occupy the "bottom feeding bullies" position that the Bullies took.