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Ivan Alexander
Clique None
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Cohlie Brocato
"I'm only gonna take two naps a day this semester. Tops."
— Ivan

Ivan Alexander is a character in Bully, and is a Non-Clique Student at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Cohlie Brocato.

Character description[]

Ivan is skinny with dark blue eyes and brown hair parted to the left. He wears a dark teal Bullworth V-neck school sweater, with a white shirt and a tie. He also wears tan coloured school slacks. In the wintertime he wears a yellow scarf. Ivan can also be seen at the dorm late at night or in the early morning, wearing dark blue pajamas with a small Bullworth Crest design on the breast pocket.


Ivan's most easily discernible trait is his issues with sleeping. He prefers being asleep to being awake, takes multiple naps during the day, claims to be able to sleep while going about his daily business, and claims that he sleepwalks. He also sleeps in class, and sometimes misses class entirely because he never woke up to go. Even his voice usually has a tired tone to it often. His voice becomes noticeably higher in pitch when he's actually feeling awake. Aside from being perpetually tired, Ivan seems to be suffering from depression similarly to Constantinos, and mopes about his alleged awful luck and terrible life. He is on medicine for his 'mood' but he sells it instead of taking it.

Aside from always being sleepy, Ivan's personality is often sarcastic and surly. He responds to other students complaining about things by suggesting they cry about it. He hates Bullworth Academy, especially having to do homework, and sometimes tries to encourage the other kids to rebel against the school. He skips class every chance he gets, and has tried to get out of doing homework by claiming it's against his religion. He claims his mother is abusive and that she's the person who tried putting him on medication. The only time he mentions his father is when he claims he told him to never try at anything.

Ivan also sometimes tries to put himself up by claiming to be friends with Ted Thompson and, during Chapter 5, that he knew Jimmy back when he was 'a nobody.' When getting angry, Ivan also tries to make himself sound dangerous, claiming to be a 'bad seed' and 'on the edge.'

Role in game[]

Ivan can be seen during wrestling watching the matches. He has no further individual role in the game.

Unlike many other character, nothing related to removed content was found in his dialogue files.


Ivan's "jeering" dialogue is "Stick a rubber hose up your nose." This is a modification of the catchphrase of Vinny Barbarino from the 1970s television sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter. It is possible the phrase was modified for copyright reasons, similar to Ray Hughes' modification of a Wolverine quote.