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Jocks Clubhouse
Jock clubhouse
Location Area Football Field
Characteristic Save Location
Town Bullworth Town

Jock Clubhouse is one of the safehouses Jimmy can unlock. It's unlocked after completing Jocks Challenge. It is located in the football field.


The clubhouse is a storage facility for sports equipment. In addition to the usual gear found with practicing football, there are other sports accessories visible, such as lacrosse goals and hockey sticks. There is also a men's magazine amongst the sporting gear. Posters from the school presidential elections can be seen on the walls, one of Ted's and one of Earnest's; the Earnest poster has a red X drawn on it.

The Jocks have dragged a mattress into the clubhouse. Refills for the eggs, bottle rocket and spud cannon can be found here as they are obtained.

A wardrobe in the form of a locker is seen. Due to a glitch however, it cannot be used, but it was fixed in the Anniversary Edition.


  • This is the only safehouse that displays a wide-screen view when Jimmy exits through the door.
  • Most of the windows and wall in this safehouse are not solid, and Jimmy can shoot / throw objects through them.