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Justin Vandervelde
Clique Preppies
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Prep Challenge
The Eggs
Beach Rumble
Tad's House
Weed Killer
Boxing Challenge
Dishonorable Fight
The Rumble
Cheating Time
Voice Actor Jaesun Celebre
"I don't see why Derby doesn't want to ally with the Jocks. It'd be a perfect match."
— Justin

Justin Vandervelde is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Preppies. He was voiced by Jaesun Celebre.

Character description[]

Justin is a medium sized prep with auburn hair combed to the left, and hazel eyes. He wears the standard Preppie Aquaberry uniform and a gold Aquaberry watch. He also appears to have an overbite. Like most Preppies, he speaks in a faux English accent. His boxing outfit is the same shade of blue as the Aquaberry sweaters, with white trim. In winter, Justin wears his standard uniform and adds a yellow and blue striped scarf.

An error in the Bully Facebook matched his name with Ivan Alexander's picture.


Justin has a keen interest in sports, being a boxer, playing on the Preppies dodgeball team, and being a good swimmer. He challenges Jimmy to beat his time record in swimming on an errand. Justin is very enthusiastic about joining the sports team and wonders whether Jock leader Ted would want a Prep friend; he also wants to form an alliance with the Jocks and cannot understand why Derby opposes it.

Aside from being good at sports, Justin seems to like throwing eggs at people. He claims to have hit a Greaser in the back of the head, stating it was "perfect". When fighting, Justin makes egg related puns, such as "these yolks crack me up" and "you look a little scrambled". His insult of choice is "peon". Justin also seems to be a bit of a coward, as during a fight there can be slight traces of fear in his voice when taunting. Furthermore, when beaten up, he'll tell his attacker to "pick on someone his own size" or that he would've paid his attacker not to hit him.

Justin can comment that genuine friendships in Bullworth are hard to come by since "everyone's just using each other." Also, similar to Parker, Justin sometimes worries that he's not "shallow enough" and "[doesn't] keep [his] lessers in their place."

Justin may also admire Greek culture; he can compliment Jimmy's clothing by calling it "pleasingly Grecian" and can lament that there aren't enough Greek marble sculptures at the Academy.

Role in game[]

As one of the Preppies, Justin features regularly during Chapter 2. His only speaking role is during Preppie Challenge, where he informs Jimmy that he's ineligible for the offered $1,000,000 house prize because Jimmy's parents aren't on "The Board". He gives Jimmy the Beach House instead. Aside from appearing in Preppie Challenge as the second opponent, he is featured in the mission The Eggs, where he is given the key to the gates of Tad's house. Jimmy has to knock him out to get the key. In the Chapter 3 mission Bait, he, along with Tad, accompanies Gord to fight back the Greasers at the BMX Park.

During the non-storyline mission Cheating Time, he buys advance test papers from Mr. Hattrick, which he then sells to other students for a profit. Jimmy takes pictures of Justin buying the answers from Hattrick and then selling them to Greasers Lucky and Vance and Jocks Casey and Mandy.

Justin also gives Jimmy two errands: one is to beat his record time for swimming out and around the buoy near the lighthouse in the bay by Old Bullworth Vale, and the other one to egg the tenements in New Coventry because "paying [Jimmy] to harass poor people makes [him] feel good about [himself]" . Justin also appears as an opponent during the boxing minigame.

Deleted content[]

In the beta version of Cheating Time, Justin's role was actually smaller - Jimmy was supposed to eavesdrop on a conversation with him and Mr. Hattrick. He would then sell the test papers to Tad.


  • Justin has a small error in his dialogue coding. He lacks a GREEHG (greeting a hot girl) line. Instead he has a GREEGW (greeting - girl won) line, which is intended for Jimmy's girlfriends greeting him. Furthermore his quotes are out of order - his GREEAF (greeting an adult female) line is supposed to be his GREEHG line and his GREEGW line is supposed to be his GREEAF line.