Karl Branting
Clique Prefects
Gender Male
Missions This Is Your School
Voice Actor Wilhelm Lewis
"I SWEAR to God Hopkins, if you don't stop right now, there'll be hell to pay!"
— Karl, while chasing Jimmy

Karl Branting is a character in Bully, and is a Prefect at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Wilhelm Lewis.

Character DescriptionEdit

Karl is a black prefect with a high fade hairstyle. He is the shortest prefect in the school; Seth, Edward, Max and most of the tall students like Russell, Bif and Damon are notably taller than him, and he is only slightly taller than Jimmy. However, due to all characters classified as prefects being attached to a “Huge” skeleton regardless of their actual size, Karl has no trouble busting people taller than he is is, which extends to even adults. He has an unusual style of speaking that is slightly slow and very heavily enunciated. He wears the same navy blue jacket that the other prefects do, but he wears navy blue slacks instead of tan ones.


Karl is an extreme authoritarian, which may have been what lead him to become a prefect. Much of his in-game dialogue seems to be related to rules and the enforcement thereof, and he believes that the Academy needs more discipline. He is also something of a social climber. Although not as obviously corrupt as Seth, Karl has been known to use his standing as a prefect to threaten to ruin the lives of students. He takes his job as a prefect seriously and appears to believe the cause is right; but if he is angry, he will sometimes take his feelings out on those smaller and weaker than himself.

Although his role in the game is smaller than that of either Seth or Max, according to data files found in the game, Karl is the head prefect. Supporting this, one of his lines of dialogue indicates that he reports personally to Dr. Crabblesnitch. However, he is no physically tougher than Max or Edward, and is less formidable than Seth. It is unknown which clique he was in before becoming a prefect, or if he was even in one at all.

Role in gameEdit

Karl has a small role in the mission This Is Your School when he spots Jimmy and Gary picking the lock on Russell's locker and chases Gary. Aside from that he has no mission or cutscene appearances, although as a prefect he's still a very visible presence on campus.

Lines of dialogue found in the game files indicate that he was intended to play a role in the mission Hattrick vs. Galloway, most likely chasing Jimmy after noticing him carrying the bottles of alcohol.


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