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Keep Ups

Luis Luna playing Keep-Ups

Keep-Ups is one of the minigames that Jimmy can wager money on. The point of the game is to bounce a soccer ball in the air without letting it touch the ground, hence the name "Keep-Ups".

Luis Luna is the challenger. When Jimmy steps inside the blue circle indicating a minigame and opts to play, Luis runs up and says "I challenge you to Keep-Ups" or, "Hey, Jimmy, I bet I would beat you at Keep-Ups!". He then gives a short demonstration of how to play, then leans against a wall to watch Jimmy. If Jimmy loses then Luis will taunt him, if he wins, Luis runs away humiliated.


Keep-Ups is available at the northeastern corner of the football field. The exact location is marked by a small blue circle, Jimmy must step into the circle and then choose to play.

It is available before morning classes, during lunch break and after afternoon classes. It stops being available after 7:00pm


The game is played by following the instructions on the screen. In the PS2 and Xbox360 version, you tilt the left and right analogue stick in the direction shown on the screen. The PC version involves using W A S D and moving the mouse in the corresponding direction by default.

Successfully doing so causes Jimmy to use either his foot, knee, or head to bounce the ball back into the air. Failure causes him to make a mistake and drop the ball on the ground.


Jimmy may wager anything between $1 and $20. If he wins, he earns that much money, if he loses, he pays that same amount to Luis.


The game can be easily won if the right and left sticks are rotated, as the game only waits for the correct movement and does not register incorrect movements of the controller.


  • Luis' quotes if Jimmy wins at Keep-Ups are the same ones he uses when bullied during normal gameplay.