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Kirby Olsen
Clique Jocks
Gender Male
Kissable Yes
Missions The Candidate
Movie Tickets
Carnival Date
Jocks Challenge
Funhouse Fun
Defender of the Castle
Discretion Assured
The Big Game
Jock Boss Fight
The Gym is Burning
Voice Actor Chris Kromer
"It's poundcake time!"
— Kirby

Kirby Olsen is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Jocks at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Chris Kromer.

Character description[]

Kirby is a small jock with brown eyes and combed dark brown hair. He wears the Bullworth letterman sweater with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, he also wears black pants and white sneakers. In the winter, Kirby wears a letterman jacket over his sweater and adds a pair of white fingerless gloves. Kirby plays on the Bullworth Bullhorns and the number on his football jersey is 11.

Beta Appearance[]

A character named only as 'Quarterback - version of someone' was posted on Tyler Wilson's website. This character was clearly Kirby, as their hair and faces are nearly identical. The Quarterback was dressed in full Football attire, including cleats and eye black paint, and had a small open wound on his shin.


Kirby has a stereotypical jock, "let's go team" type personality. He speaks boisterously, doesn't have an accent but often growls or drawls words for emphasis, and usually doesn't pronounce the 'g' on words ending with them. His favorite insults are 'loser' and 'wimp', he calls people he's on good terms with 'dude', and on the rare occasions he's trying to deescalate an argument he'll ask his opponent to 'chill.' Since he's often yelling for no reason, when he gets worked up and tries to yell louder his voice turns into a screech. He's also one of several students who refers to Jimmy exclusively as 'Hopkins.'

Kirby's interests seem to begin and end with the sports program at Bullworth. He brags about being the youngest person in the history of the Academy to receive a Varsity letter. However, he's not happy with the state of Bullworth sports. He complains that being a successful high school athlete doesn't mean anything off campus and that student athletes get less respect than they used to. He also doesn't get along with Ted. He worries that Ted is going to make him play wide receiver, and also thinks Ted is badmouthing him to the team behind his back. Kirby doesn't mention what position he'd rather play, although it may be a reference to his original design as the team quarterback. When being threatened with a swirlie he claims to be number two on the team.

His strangest personality quirk is his constant use of a personal euphemism for physical bullying - "poundcake." He mentions poundcake in 16 different lines of dialogue. This includes saying "it's poundcake time" when attacking another student, threatening to "stuff a poundcake down [someone's] throat", and even claiming that he hates poundcake when he's trying to beg his way out of being bullied.

Kirby is also bisexual. He occasionally makes remarks about cheerleaders and about Ms. Philips, sometimes brags about alleged success with girls, and some unused dialogue lines indicate he has a girlfriend. However, he will make out with Jimmy. He's so deep in the closet that he'll threaten Jimmy not to tell on him or else. His voice during his makeout-related dialogue is deeper than his usual speaking voice.

Role in game[]

During Chapter 2, Jimmy catches Kirby on a movie date holding hands with Trent. Kirby runs away, saying that he only wants to play sports. He also makes a brief appearance in Carnival Date, where he and Dan can be seen walking into the Carnival armed with baseball bats.

He appears in many missions in Chapter 4 along with the other jocks. He will be one of the football geared jocks in Defender of the Castle if knocked down. He has the misfortune of being the jock to drink from the urine-spiked water cooler during the mission The Big Game, which predictably causes him to vomit. In the same mission, he accidentally knocks out Dan by throwing a football rigged with firecrackers at him.

He is also caught in the gym during the mission The Gym is Burning, where a metal grate falls on him and pins him down. Jimmy lifts the grate to rescue him. 

He can be seen in the audience during wrestling lessons in Gym class.

Removed content[]

Kirby and Dan's role in Carnival Date was once planned to be larger. Kirby and Dan were going to accost Jimmy during his date with Pinky, which was going to lead to Jimmy being dared to try and beat Dan's high score on the High Striker game.

Kirby does briefly appear in Funhouse Fun, but at one point he had a much larger role in it. His lines start out aggressive and get more frantic and frightened throughout the mission, presumably as Jimmy uses the Funhouse controls to torment Kirby. In Funhouse Fun, Kirby's dialogue files start with Kirby_4-04_003_v1 and end with Kirby_4-04_060_v2. The lines that are used in the final version of the mission start with Bucky_4-04_069_v1. It seems that Funhouse Fun was one of the missions that was at some point in development completely redesigned with the 'new' version just being added onto unused code from the older version.

Kirby also has two type of dialogue unique to him, BALLST and GIRLE. The BALLST line is just Kirby yelling "Interception!", and the two GIRLE lines seem as though Kirby was asking Jimmy to set up a meeting between Kirby and a girl behind Kirby's girlfriend's back. The two code abbreviations probably stand for 'ball stolen' and 'girl errand.'


  • Kirby plays the same offensive position and wears the same number as Larry Fitzgerald, the former wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals.