Last Minute Shopping
Chapter 2
Storyline Main
Time 8 a.m - 7 p.m
Location Cafeteria
Destination Yum Yum Market
Patron Edna
Type Collect
Cash $15.00
Mission Movie Tickets*
Prep Challenge*
Lawn Mowing
Paper Route
"Um, let me see, I need some meat from Yum Yum Market, oh, and a razor from the barber's for my 'stache, and um, oh yeah, some new knickers from Worn In. I've had these on since last term. Aha ha ha!"
— Edna

Last Minute Shopping is a mission in Chapter 2.

The MissionEdit


At the beginning of Chapter 2, Jimmy is ordered by Dr. Crabblesnitch to go see Edna and do tasks for her.

Jimmy finds Edna in the cafeteria, cooking, while coughing and sneezing into the food. She is raucously friendly to Jimmy, offering him a chance to cough into it himself. When Jimmy tells her that he was sent to run errands for her, she tells him to get a razor for her mustache, her laundry, and some meat from the Yum Yum Market. She offers Jimmy her bike at the front of the school.


Jimmy gets on Edna's bike and rides over to Bullworth Town.

The meat is in the Yum Yum Market.

The razor is in Happy Mullet barber shop.

The laundry is in the Worn In store.

Once he has all three items, the game encourages Jimmy to use the bus stop sign to take the bus back to school. Apparently Edna doesn't care if Jimmy leaves her bike lying in the street. However, taking the bus isn't required to complete the mission, only getting back to the school cafeteria and returning the stuff to Edna.


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