Lefty Mancini
Clique Greasers
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Bait
Greaser Challenge
The Rumble
Voice Actor Louie Torrellas
"Gotta get me another pack of smokes and a hotdog."
— Lefty
Lefty CHATTER v6

Lefty Mancini is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Greasers at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Louie Torrellas.

Character DescriptionEdit

Lefty is tied with Vance for the smallest in the Greaser clique. He resembles Ralph Macchio's character, Johnny Cade, in the film The Outsiders. He is a small Greaser with black slicked back hair in a crew cut, blue eyes, and a scar on his left cheek similar to Chad. He wears a blue denim jacket over a blue vest and a white collared shirt, with brown pants and brown boots. In the winter he adds a dark yellow scarf and buttons his jacket up. He speaks in an unusual accent, primarily Brooklyn but with a bit of Chicago mixed in.


Lefty grew up in New Coventry, and was childhood friends with Luis. His primary personality trait is his nicotine addiction, as he talks about smoking and cigarettes a lot. He is also concerned with his image, and puts on, in his own words, a tough guy act. Like all the other Greasers, he holds a grudge against the Preppies, who he calls "rich scumbags". He also talks about girls often, and seems to enjoy some success with them.

According to Lefty he claims he is Bullworth's first Italian. This may be untrue though since a lot of the Greasers are Italian/American. He complains that there aren't enough in the school, even though there are six others (Lucky, Ricky, Vance, Lola, Hal, and Peanut) within his clique alone.

For some reason, Lefty puts a lot of stock in the fact that his last name ends with a vowel.

In one of the speech files, he says he thinks some of the freaks are attractive, especially the Siamese twins Delilah and Jezebel.

Role in gameEdit

Lefty was one of the characters named but not profiled in the Bullworth Facebook that was released months before the game. Jimmy had doodled a pair of blind man's glasses on him.

Lefty first appears in the mission Bait accompanying Johnny in the bike park. He has only one cutscene speaking line, where he complains that he can't believe people consider graffiti to be art after Jimmy sprays graffiti all over New Coventry. Ironically, his graffiti appears on the wall of The Hole in the school basement, on the roof of the Chem-O Lot building, the BMX park in New Coventry and also in the male and female's locker rooms in the Gym.

He is also seen during Shop class, working on a car. Since Neil says cars are only for seniors, Lefty may be a senior, but if he were he'd be very small for his age.

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