This is a list of clothing in Bully. Some are obtainable for Jimmy Hopkins' use, and some are worn only by NPCs. Jimmy generally wears his uniforms more disordered than intended. For example, his school shirt is completely untucked and the collar button is undone.

General ClothingEdit

Casual OutfitEdit

A simple outfit consisting of a brown jacket over a white undershirt, complete with jeans and white sneakers. This is Jimmy's starting outfit.


It consists of a dark T-shirt with a flaming X pattern, light tan pajama bottoms and socks.


A simple vest in plain colours. Jimmy has a white vest at the start of the game, and may choose to buy vests of other colours at The Final Cut.

Classic White SneakersEdit

Available at the beginning of the game. A pair of simple, white sneakers, worn as part of Jimmy's uniform.

School ClothingEdit

School UniformEdit

A blue Bullworth vest over a white shirt, coupled with tan slacks and white sneakers.

School SweaterEdit

Dark teal over a white shirt with a black tie. It's worn by the older Non Clique students.

Bullworth Sports JacketEdit

A dark blue sports jacket with red bands on the wrists and collar. It is worn by Mr. Burton during winter.

School SlacksEdit

Khaki colored pants that go with the school uniform. Non-Clique Students wear identical slacks of different shades of khaki.

School ShortsEdit

Khaki coloured shorts that go with the school uniform. Pedro wears these.

Bullworth CapEdit

A blue baseball cap with a Bullworth logo. It is first obtained for free in This Is Your School by stealing it from Russell's locker.

Bullworth VisorEdit

A visor obtainable in either red, green, or blue. No other NPCs wear this. 

Astronomy Club vestEdit

A bright green vest worn by members of the Nerd clique. This includes Earnest Jones, Melvin O'ConnorBucky Pasteur, Cornelius Johnson, Donald Anderson, Fatty Johnson and Algernon Papadopoulos .

Astronomy Club sweater Edit

A bright green sweater exclusively worn by Thad Carlson.

Aquaberry ClothingEdit

These clothes are purchasable at the Aquaberry store in Old Bullworth Vale. Clothing lines available include Aquaberry, Rough N' Rich and Luxury Stud.

Aquaberry SweaterEdit

Similar to the Aquaberry Vest in its design, but has long sleeves. Preppies wear these during the Winter.

Aquaberry VestEdit

The uniform of the Preppies. It's a blue argyle-pattern vest with the school logo, over a white shirt complete with a yellow-and-black tie.

Aquaberry ShirtEdit

A white shirt with a blue tie on the front. Obtained only later in the game. The Preppies never use this shirt.

Aquaberry SlacksEdit

Slacks designed to go with the Preppy Sweater/Vest. It is available in slate or tan.


A plain metal bracelet available in onyx, gold, silver and steel. Chad Morris wears a gold bracelet on his right hand.


A metal watch, available in white gold, gold, silver and steel. Some preppies wear similar gold watches.

Luxury StudEdit

Luxury Stud HatEdit

A Homburg hat available in black or brown.

L.S. Training jacketEdit

A zip-up jacket coloured dark blue with two yellow stripes on the sleeves, over with a blue t-shirt.

L.S. Casual jacketEdit

A navy blue zip up sweater with a white stripe running through the middle.


A black tuxedo, complete with a dark-grey vest. It costs $100, and is the most expensive clothing-piece in the game.

Tuxedo TrousersEdit

Similar to the L.S. Casual slacks, but it seems to be made of a higher-quality fabric. It costs $70.

Final Cut ClothingEdit

Leather JacketEdit

The clique "uniform" of the Greasers. It's black and zipped up.

Cheap Digital WatchEdit

A cheap black digital watch.


A series of plain T-shirts available in white, dark blue, green and black.

Mission ClothingEdit

Mascot OutfitEdit

Obtained in "Nice Outfit", it is a costume of a bull with horns as the mascot. The bull is red and has teeth sticking out.

Orderly OutfitEdit

Obtained in "Finding Johnny Vincent" it is the same outfits the Orderlies patroling Happy Volts wear. Wearing this outfit will enable Jimmy to enter Happy Volts without getting chased and will provide positive responses from all authority figures.

Nutcracker Outfit Edit

Obtained in "Christmas Pageant" is the outfit of a nutckracker - it looks a bit like the marching band outfit, but red.

Miscellaneous ClothingEdit

This is a list of clothing that can only be unlocked by performing certain actions a set number of times/collecting items.

Gnome HatEdit

A hat unlocked by smashing 25 gnomes.

Pumpkin HeadEdit

A pumpkin costume head unlocked by smashing all 27 pumpkins during Halloween or in the school basement.

Edna MaskEdit

Unlocked by smashing 19 tombstones during Halloween or in the Spencer Shipping Warehouse.

Firefighter HatEdit

A red hat unlocked by pulling the fire alarm 20 times.

Soda Can HatEdit

A blue baseball cap with two soda cans attached, unlocked by drinking 500 cans of Beam Cola. Wearing this item will cause passersby to laugh at Jimmy.

Gold SuitEdit

An Elvis Presley costume, unlocked after buying all clothes in all 4 stores.

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