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Like most video games, Bully has its fair share of glitches. The following is a list of glitches in the game.

Glitches that occur only when used with cheats are not considered glitches as far as this page is concerned, and should not be listed.

Many glitches end with Jimmy falling through the environment and into pink water, which knocks him out. The pink water is not a glitch itself, it is a mechanic included to prevent players from getting stuck if they fall through the environment. Places to fall through the environment should only be listed if the way to fall through can be consistently duplicated.

This is not a page to list every malfunction that you see occur in the game. A glitch should not be listed here unless the effect can be consistently reproduced.

Because of the large amount of glitches listed, they are organized alphabetically through 3 subpages.

List of Glitches A-G

List of Glitches H-N

List of Glitches O-Z