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The following article is a list of characters in Bully that do not make physical appearances in the game.


Andrew W.[]

Andrew's name is written on the chalk board in the Dragon's Wing Comics shop.


Graffiti reading "I <3 Barry" was carved into the desktop seen on the now-defunct Bullworth Prospectus webpage.

Ben K.[]

Ben's name is written on the chalk board in the Dragon's Wing Comics shop.

Billy Crane[]

Billy is the proprietor of Billy Crane's Traveling Carnival, as his name indicates, but he doesn't make a physical appearance there.


Buck's name was carved into the desktop seen in the now-defunct Bullworth Prospectus webpage.


Candy is the name of the magazine centerfold that Earnest was ogling during the mission The Big Game. She is originally from Ohio. Interestingly, the image used for the centerfold is the same as the pigtailed girl who appears on posters inside the Aquaberry store, which is in turn pre-Alpha artwork of the character who would eventually become Christy.


In unused dialogue from the mission Small Offences, Parker spoke to someone he called Jeff. Apparently Jeff was Parker's only friend, but did something with Gord that greatly upset Parker. From the context it's unclear whether Jeff was a real person, an imaginary person, or a garden gnome.



Jenny's number

The number of a girl named Jenny can be seen in the girls' dorm. Her phone number is 867-5309. This is a reference to the 1981 song 867-5309/Jenny by Tommy Tutone.


When a book is thrown or a bookshelf is destroyed, papers come flying out. A particular paper can be seen that says that says "Joe ♥ Lisa".


John's name is written on the wall behind the commentary desk in The Hole.

Jon J.[]

Jon's name is written on the chalk board in the Dragon's Wing Comics shop.



Joe & Lisa's name

When a book is thrown or a bookshelf is destroyed, papers come flying out. A paper can be seen that says "Joe ♥ Lisa".


Marion is, apparently, a girl on the swim team. Gary taunts Pete by mocking his voice and asking Marion to "show (him) her breast stroke".

Mike M.[]

Mike's name is written on the chalk board in the Dragon's Wing Comics shop.


The name Patti is written in three places in the Greaser hideout. One is on the mirror in the Girl's Bathroom, the other two are both in the main room but written backwards.


Roach's name is found written on the wall behind the commentary desk in The Hole.


Sean's name is found written on the wall behind the commentary desk in The Hole.

Shawn W.[]

Shawn's name is written on the chalk board in the Dragon's Wing Comics shop.

Shea Lewis[]

Shea Lewis is the namesake of the Shea Lewis Café in Old Bullworth Vale.


Tim's name is found written on the wall behind the commentary desk in The Hole.

Relatives of students[]

Pinky Gauthier's family[]

Pinky has a much-loathed stepmother. The stepmother is six years older than Pinky, which would make her no older than 21 or 22 (Pinky is stated to be not 16 yet). She also sometimes wears Pinky's clothing, which Pinky hates. It's strongly implied that she's a trophy wife for Pinky's rich father.

Not much else is mentioned about Pinky's father, but it's known he spoils her horribly. Pinky thinks nothing of spending his money, and Chad claims that he bought her an entire ice cream factory. Pinky also has an aunt with four thumbs.

Mr. Harrington[]

Mr. Harrington, Derby Harrington's father, is the largest benefactor of Bullworth Academy, and the building which is exclusive to Preppies, Harrington House, was apparently built with his donations. For unknown reasons he dislikes Dr. Slawter, and has enough influence over Dr. Crabblesnitch to keep him from granting Slawter tenure. His fortune may have come from the oil business, as signs for Harrington Oil can be seen at the go-kart track. Dr. Crabblesnitch's free roam dialogue indicates that Mr. Harrington spends quite a bit of time buttering him up in order to get preferential treatment for Derby and the other Preppies.

Gloria Jackson's sister[]

During the Scholarship Edition exclusive mission Rudy the Red Nosed Santa, Gloria complains that her sister Livvy doesn't have to sit on Santa's lap. It's unclear whether Livvy is older or younger than Gloria, but somewhat more likely that she's younger.

Because this line was spoken during a mission where Gloria was one of the Generic Kids and thus out-of-character, whether Livvy should be counted as a canon character is questionable.

Karen Johnson's brother(s)[]

Karen mentions a brother in two lines of dialogue. In one she compliments Jimmy's clothing while decrying the way her brother dresses, in another she compliments Jimmy's haircut by saying it reminds her of her brother's. It is well within possibility that she's referring to Fatty Johnson, but at the same time there isn't enough context to tell whether she's referring to Fatty or not, or even if it's just one or two different brothers.

Parker Ogilvie's sister[]

Little is known about Parker's sister as Parker speaks of her only in passing. Parker claims that their father is going to put her into his will. The knowledge that she has not yet been written into her father's will implies that she may be significantly younger than her brother. She may also be a recently acquired stepsister.

Bucky Pasteur's grandmother[]

Bucky talks frequently about his grandmother. Judging by his various statements about her, she's knowledgeable about a lot of things, but is also beginning to become senile. She collects cats, and Bucky has to help take care of her, including helping her take baths. Peculiarly she uses words like 'knob' and 'tart' as insults, which are common in the UK but relatively uncommon in America. She's acquainted with Dr. Crabblesnitch and has a poor opinion of him, calling him a knob and a sinner. It is unclear why she sent Bucky to Bullworth, or even if she was the one who sent him in the first place, as Bucky never discusses it.

Ricky Pucino's brother[]

He is mentioned in a line of Ricky's dialogue, saying he handed in an old essay of his. As the brother does not appear in the game, he's presumably older than Ricky and either graduated or dropped out.

Gary Smith's parents[]

Mrs. Smith is from New Coventry, and is acquainted with Miss Abby. Not much else is known about her.

It can be speculated that Gary's father is the son of Mr. Smith, one of the residents of Old Bullworth Vale. Mr. Smith, Jr. inherited his father's business empire, but has been doing a terrible job running it and is causing it to lose money. This along with allegations that he was kicked out of Bullworth Academy and went to prison would be cause for his father's complaints about the state of his family.

The marriage of a washout son of a rich man who marries a girl from the wrong side of the tracks would be likely to produce a son like Gary.

Tad Spencer's family[]

Tad's father is a self-made man who is violently abusive towards his family. Unlike the fathers of most of the Preppies he isn't old money. He made his fortune through a shipping company he runs out of Blue Skies Industrial Park called Spencer Shipping.

Tad's mother is old-money. She is said to show the signs of Preppy inbreeding. She apparently is an art collector, owning a Mapplethorpe photograph and a Kostabi.

Tad also has an older brother with no chin who is enrolled in an asylum, possibly the Happy Volts Asylum.

Damon West's father[]

At one point in development, Damon was intended to be, if not a full member of the Preppies clique, a resident of Old Bullworth Vale with a rich family who hated the Greasers. All of Damon's 'preppy' dialogue was removed from the final version of the game. However, in one of those removed dialogue lines he mentions that his father owns the Blue Balls Pool Hall.

Davis White's cousin[]

Davis has an older cousin who bullied him badly when he was younger. The cousin used to make him eat June bugs. Davis says that if it weren't for his cousin he'd be normal and wouldn't suffer from emotional problems.


Blond kid[]

A boy with bright blond hair in a Bullworth hooded sweatshirt appears in the game loading screen, having his ear pinched by Mrs. Peabody. This may be Trent Northwick, although Trent is never seen wearing this outfit.

Black kid[]

On the back of the manual and in the game loading screen, there is art of a black boy getting served a meal by Edna. The boy is wearing an astronomy vest like the nerds, but he doesn't wear glasses or have bad posture. His hair is worn in a flattop, which none of the characters in the game wear.

Chubby kid[]

A slightly chubby boy with dark brown hair and a non-clique sweater can be seen during the game loading screens. He is crying over a test that Mr. Hattrick graded as an F.

Redheaded kid[]

A boy who looks to be late middle school aged appears in the artwork, trying to look around Mr. Burton's back at some men's magazines that Burton has confiscated. His hair is red, roughly the same shade as Wade's, and he wears an Astronomy Club sweater and a bowtie. This boy has freckles on his face in the same pattern that Jimmy does, and may in fact simply be Jimmy without his default buzzcut.



Ivan's ex-girlfriend[]

Ivan has an ex-girlfriend that he mentions occasionally. She may be a current or former student at Bullworth, as he asks others if they've seen her.


During the mission Weed Killer, Bif may ask Jimmy if a person named Jonathan did his hair. Based upon this, it is safe to assume that Jonathan is a hair dresser or barber familiar with the preps.

Officer Morrison's mother[]

Officer Morrison has many voice lines referring to his mother. He appears to be very close to her, and may even be a "momma's boy". He claims to still live with her, and when beaten up he may say "Mom.... where are ya mom....?".

Osbourne's wife[]

Osbourne, the town bum and former star quarterback for the Bullworth Bullhorns, married a cheerleader. She has grown immensely fat since then, and according to Osbourne, "couldn't wear her old cheerleading skirt as a garter". He spends a lot of time complaining about her weight gain.


At night, between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m., outside the church in Old Bullworth Vale, a preacher can be heard (from the interior of the church) reading excerpts from the Bible, namely the Book of Genesis and the Book of Revelations. He is never seen physically within the game, nor is there any sign of his presence on the church grounds at any other time of the day.

Ricky's ex-girlfriend[]

Ricky has an ex-girlfriend. She dumped him, and he spends a lot of time crying and being miserable over how he lost her. He suspects that she left him because he spent too much time working on bikes. It's implied that she's a former Bullworth student.