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Luis Luna
Clique Jocks
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions The Candidate
Jocks Challenge
Funhouse Fun
Defender of the Castle
The Big Game
Voice Actor Adam Scarimbolo
"I actually got a decent grade the other day in a class that wasn't gym."
— Luis

Luis Luna is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Jocks at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Adam Scarimbolo.

Character description[]

Luis is a big jock, the same size as Damon, Casey and Juri. He has short dark brown hair, brown eyes, and he wears a sleeveless Bullworth letterman's jacket over a white long sleeve shirt. His skin tone is a shade or two darker than most other white students.

Beta Appearance[]

In the beta version, Luis had a flat top and looked more "threatening". Luis' clothes were almost the same, except that his sweater was white instead of yellow and did not have the Bullworth symbol on his jacket.


Keep Ups

Luis playing Keep-Ups.

Luis grew up as childhood friends with Lefty of the Greasers - in fact, according to Lefty the Jocks only let him into their clique because he can beat them in a fight.[1] His voice is nasal and gets scratchy when he's angry, and he still has an accent similar to many of the Greasers. Luis still talks about drama in the Greasers clique and complains about the Preppies. However, his main interests these days are working out and wrestling.

Luis takes great pride in his physique, particularly his abs and biceps. He claims he works out four hours per day, and admits that he's on 'supplements' that Mr. Burton provided him. He's on the wrestling team, often wrestles matches with Juri, and wishes that they'd decide school elections via wrestling matches rather than speeches. Strangely for a Jock at Bullworth Academy, he never even directly mentions playing football. He also worries about his clothing and outfits - he bought a shirt he likes so much he sleeps with it, and he thinks he could be the star player of the team if he had better sneakers.

Luis seems to have two sides to his opinion on education and academics. In his 'chatter' dialogue he often claims that he should have people to do his thinking for him, and that there should be a school that was only gym. When conversing with other students though, Luis claims he recently actually wrote his own words for a paper, sometimes does his own math homework, and to have gotten a decent grade in a class that wasn't Gym. He mentions that his parents want him to be successful, not merely a good athlete.

Role in game[]

Luis is the challenger for the game Keep-Ups.

He appears as backup several times during Chapter 4, but doesn't have any unique dialogue. In Jocks Challenge he can be seen in the background playing catch with Bo.


  • Luis has an unused model in which he wears a wrestling singlet, as well as a larger health bar (210 points). It is speculated that at some point in development, he was the opponent in the second wrestling class in Gym.


  1. Speech file LEFTY_CONVG_v1: "Y'know Luis and I grew up together? And that the Jocks just like him cos he can kick all their asses?"