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This article features content exclusive to the Scholarship and Anniversary editions of Bully. This feature is not available on the original version of the game.
Mailbox Armageddon
Chapter 5
Storyline No
Time 7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Location Clint (aka Henry)'s house
Given by Clint
Cash $20
Mission None

Mailbox Armageddon (Letter Box Armageddon in PAL versions) is a non-storyline mission exclusive to Scholarship Edition and Anniversary Edition that takes place in Chapter 5.

The Mission[]


As Jimmy walks through the far eastern section of the residential area in Blue Skies Industrial Park, a large and angry Townie who is wielding a baseball bat stops him. The townie is Clint (aka Henry), and aside from being menacing he's clearly unbalanced. He hits himself in the head with the bat and threatens Jimmy, calling him "rich boy". He repeatedly refers to himself as crazy and throws a rock at something off screen.

Jimmy explains that he's not rich and he hates the Preppies. Clint sends him on an errand to Old Bullworth Vale, explaining that either Jimmy wrecks some mailboxes or Clint wrecks him. He gives Jimmy the bat.


Jimmy starts on the bridge leading from Bullworth Town to Old Bullworth Vale. There are 20 mailboxes that Jimmy must smash in a time limit. He is given Clint's baseball bat and a bicycle.

Hitting a mailbox is considered vandalism, but he is unlikely to be bothered by any policemen. One of the mailboxes is in front of Tad Spencer's house, where a bunch of Preppies are loitering. Jimmy can either fight them off or just bike away from them. If the time is after curfew (11 p.m.), the Preppies won't be there.

Once Jimmy has smashed all 20 mailboxes, a cutscene with him and Clint in the Blue Skies Residential Area plays where Clint declares him "alright".


  • This mission was originally intended to take place during Chapter 3, just like The Collector, according to the data files of the game.
  • This mission was actually supposed to feature 4 different difficulty levels, in a similar fashion to how the Paper Route job features 5 different difficulty levels. The mission in the game always uses the third level: 20 mailboxes out of 20 mailboxes are to be destroyed within 3 minutes. The first level would have required Jimmy to destroy 10 mailboxes out of 15 within 10 minutes. The second level would have required Jimmy to destroy 14 mailboxes out of 19 within 2 minutes. The fourth level would have required Jimmy to destroy 24 mailboxes out of 25 within 3 minutes. A video showing the additional levels can be seen here.
  • According to the data files of the game, this mission may have actually been triggered from behind the Gas Station in Bullworth Town. An unused mission marker for this mission is located there and is named "3_S08_Peanut", suggesting that the mission may have been carried out for Peanut (which makes sense as the Greasers are known to have a grudge against the Preppies). In the final version of the mission, Jimmy is abruptly teleported to Old Bullworth Vale after the introductory cutscene and then back to Blue Skies Industrial Park at the end of the mission.

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