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The map views many things in the game. These include Missions, which are displayed by a yellow star, Challenges, displayed by a red star, Classes, which is displayed by either an orange bell or a gray bell depending on completion, Races, indicated by a trophy, Jobs, which is displayed as a green "$". Also a "B" which is a school bus stop which Jimmy can take the bus from these locations and the bus will drive him back to school. The map also shows Jimmy's location in the World. If he brings a vehicle from his garage out and leaves it outside, it will also be shown on the map.

Bully Big Map

In Scholarship Edition and Anniversary Edition, collectibles such as Rubber bands, G&G Cards, Gnomes and Transistors will appear on the map once Jimmy passes required Geography classes.

During Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6, the map has a general color scheme of blue and green, with blue representing the bodies of water around Bullworth and green representing the various grassy areas scattered throughout the town. During winter in Chapter 3, the color scheme changes somewhat; the water takes on an icier blue tint, while the green areas are instead rendered grey.