Maria Theresa

Maria Theresa

"Don't go breakin' hearts now!"
— Maria Theresa

Maria Theresa is a character in Bully. She was voiced by Kanika Looby.

Character Description Edit

Maria is black, has dark brown hair in a ponytail and wears a belly-displaying white jacket over a pink leather brassiere, jeans and pink sandals.

Characteristics Edit

Maria is the proprietress of Old Bullworth Vale Beauty Salon, a hair and nails salon in Old Bullworth Vale. Maria considers her hairstyles the most stylish in Bullworth. She is slightly flirty, and speaks in ebonics.

Role in Story Edit

During the missions in which Jimmy needs a Preppy hairstyle, he will be forced to get one from Maria's salon if he doesn't already have one.

She also has a bottle of Ms. Philips' perfume in her salon, which Jimmy has to pick up during the mission Here's to you Ms. Philips.

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