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Max MacTavish
Clique Prefects
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Complete Mayhem
Voice Actor Lenny Grossi
"The law always wins!"
— Max, while busting a student

Max MacTavish is a character in Bully, and is a Prefect at Bullworth Academy.

Character description[]

Max is a prefect with swept back brown hair. He also wears a pair of eyecatching bluish loafers, that could possibly have been sneakers or runners on an early model of Max's in game character model. He looks similar to Edward at a glance, but his head is slightly rounder, he has a different haircut, he doesn't wear glasses and he is not as pale as Edward.


Max is very into enforcing the law. He aspires to join either the police force or the army, and appears to think of himself as an applicator of justice. While he is hostile to the students and expects them to be afraid of him, he may be the least corrupt of the prefects. He seems to be more of an overzealous authoritarian than a bully, and he claims he doesn't understand the minds of troublemakers. Smalltalk from the Jocks says he carries a police baton in his pants. Lefty refers to Max saying that he is so stuck up. His other personality trait is the unique and unpleasant insults he comes up with, such as "toiletstain" and "smearwipe". Max hardly yells and is the most pleasant prefect

It is speculated that Max was a Jock before becoming a prefect. The Jocks talk about him more than the other cliques, and he admits to taking growth hormones like some of the Jocks do.

According to the data files of Bully, Max is the second in command of the Prefects, but this is not reflected by anything else in the game.

Role In Game[]

Max only appears in one cut scene, during the mission Complete Mayhem. He stands to one side as Seth tackles Jimmy and confiscates his slingshot. The two of them are then chased away by Russell.

In Chapter 3, he gives Jimmy an errand fetching toilet paper.