Bully Wiki
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Unknown
"This god damn government won't do nothing investigate the paper mill. They say supernatural occurrences ain't their department!"

McInnis is a character in Bully. His voice actor is unknown, as he was not credited in the game's manual.

Character Description[]

McInnis wears heavy duty yellow-orange overalls over a white collared shirt. His hard hat is the same color as his overalls as opposed to the lighter yellow hardhats worn by other Blue Skies residents. His hair can't be seen under the hardhat, but he has a blond goatee. McInnis' speaking voice has a very boisterous and somewhat immature tone to it, more like a Bullworth student than an adult.


McInnis is a very superstitious man. He tries to avoid stepping on the cracks in sidewalks and plans major life events, such as a wedding, around astrological signs. He also believes in the supernatural, particularly poltergeists. He believes that the town of Bullworth is cursed, and suspects that it was built over an old Indian burial ground. He also attributes events around town to the supernatural, claiming in Chapter 5 that something supernatural was behind the turmoil at Bullworth, and in Chapter 6 that the riots were caused by stars out of alignment.

McInnis is particularly obsessed with a paper mill. Some of his quotes make it sound like he works there, others make it sound like he doesn't. Apparently the paper mill is even more full of odd events and unnatural occurrences than the rest of the town. His stories include someone losing a hand in an accident and a friend seeing something that looked like a big ball of slime.

Role in Game[]

McInnis gives Jimmy an errand to retrieve his lost cargo off a sunken boat in the docks, and Mr. Salvatore gives Jimmy an errand to deliver a package to McInnis. He has no role in the game otherwise.


Although the paper mill that McInnis talks about isn't in the final version of Bully, it has a finished design and was planned for inclusion at one point. It's unknown why it was removed.