Gender Male
Family Unnamed Wife
Kissable No
Missions None
Voice Actor Gregory Korostishevsky
"You lousy, stupid American!"
— Mihailovich

Mihailovich is one of the townsfolk who resides in New Coventry. He was voiced by Gregory Korostishevsky.

Character descriptionEdit

Mihailovich has greying black hair in a flat-top, and a bit of stubble on his face. He wears a striped mustard-yellow jacket and trousers, a faded reddish-pink tie, and a pair of black leather loafers. During the winter, he buttons his jacket fully, adds a blue scarf, and black gloves to it. He speaks with a strong Eastern European accent.


Mihailovich is the owner of the In-And-Out-Motel. According to Henry, he murders customers and stores their corpses in the motel. He makes deals with Officer Williams, the nature of which is cannot be pinpointed but small talk amongst the townsfolk would suggest that it involves his motel, possibly having something to do with the supposed murders. He seems to like America, but dislikes the people, as he is known to call people "lousy stupid American" when he insults them. Like most New Coventry residents, he tends to be nasty towards Jimmy most of the time and labels him as a "big rat".

Role in gameEdit

Mihailovich has no major role in the storyline of the game. He is seen giving a bribe to Officer Williams during one errand.

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