"Is my name Abby? I-I think it's Abby... "
— Miss Abby
Miss Abby

Miss Abby

Miss Abby is an elderly woman among the townsfolk. She was voiced by Stephanie Hepburn.

Character descriptionEdit

Miss Abby wears a baby-blue gown and white apron with pink slippers and has white curly hair with pink curlers. During the winter, she wears a baby blue jacket over the outfit. Miss Abby claims to be 70 years old.


Miss Abby seems to suffer from senile dementia of some sort, regularly forgetting things such as her own name and who her children are, and according to her dialogue, has a bad knee and a heart condition. She lives in the tenements in New Coventry. She has no money, and, according to one of the townswomen, is reduced to eating dog food. She claims acquaintance with Gary's mother and badmouths her often. She also claims Jimmy is her grandson on occasion. She also says that she has multiple grandchildren that all attend Bullworth Academy, however this may be a delusion.

Role in gameEdit

Miss Abby does not play a significant role in the game, but she gives Jimmy an errand to bring her to the tenements. Miss Abby counts as a hobo in the Photography class assignment where Jimmy must take pictures of homeless people and dogs in New Coventry.

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